Miami Sunset Magnet Program serves students with a hunger for creativity and design

Communications Magnet Leader Yaneidy Vazquez, with students at Sunset Senior High School.

Two years ago, Miami-Dade County Superintendent Alberto Carvalho arrived at Miami Sunset Senior High School and declared this is where a state-of-the-art communications magnet program will be founded. That declaration has become reality.

The Miami Sunset Communications Magnet is an interactive, innovative, fast-paced set of multimedia classes. “It is a truly avant-garde program,” says Communications Magnet Leader Yaneidy Vazquez, “in which students will learn how to understand and correctly use social media and the applications that drive it.

Because technology changes in an instant, students are learning how to improve and change all the technology that they are constantly using. This unique program will teach students a broad-ranging, substantial set of skills such as how to design:

  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • 3D packages
  • Sublimation printing, and
  • License plate design.

Students will create all these products by learning how to use Adobe Suite programs including as Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

When asked what kind of careers can develop from the Communications Academy, Vazquez noted, “Students who complete the academy strands and obtain industry certification will be able to pursue work as entry level designers or even become entrepreneurs. “This academy is looking for students with a hunger for creativity and design,” she added. “In addition, the skills training students receive will allow them to compete in the Youth Fair and to express themselves by designing a wide range of items such as buttons and IDs.”

With the help of this program and the students, Miami Sunset High will stand out among other schools and attract more students. According to Vazquez, “In five years, the Academy will look like a self-running entrepreneurship. Students will develop an understanding of business practices and eventually develop a brand at Sunset.”

The creation of this academy is vital to Sunset because in order to meet the Superintendent’s 2020 Technology Mandate, everyone must be involved with technology and know how to use it effectively. “Students in such an academy as this will be two steps ahead of the majority of their peers, in terms of technology knowledge and use. This knowledge will apply not only to classes, but to real life as well.”

An added benefit of teaching students how to effectively use and involve themselves in the most recent technology, says Vazquez, “is the hope that these important new-age communication skills will rub off onto the staff as well.”

Miami Sunset Senior High School is located at 13125 SW 72 Street, Miami Fl , 33183.  For information call, (305)385-4255 , or visit


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