Pine Rocklands Goes to Court


Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations’

We are writing in regards to the project on SW 152 Street,
near Zoo Miami, where they are going to build a
Walmart and other retail stores.
There is a Chance to Save the Pine Rocklands.
We’re Going to Court!

WHEN       –       May 28th 

            The Pine Rocklands’ activists will take on the University of
            Miami, Miami-Dade County and the powerful developer.
TIME          –       2:30 pm
WHERE      –       73 West Flagler St., Miami, FL  33130
Courtroom    –   5-1,  Fifth Floor
Why           –       Motion to Dismiss by the BIG THREE    
DIRECTIONS    Metrorail to Government Center and then walk over.
The activists taking on the University of Miami, Miami-Dade County and the developer face a huge battle this Tuesday.  The “BIG THREE” are asking for a Motion to Dismiss this case.  If they win, the destruction of the Pine Rocklands continues.  If they lose, there is hope.
Remember, this is not a battle of “Do we want a Walmart?”, etc., or anything personal against the developer, but, rather, “Was the process followed?”.  Did the Community get Notices alerting them to this zoning change?  At the Community Council Meeting where this Application was discussed, NO ONE from the immediate Community was in attendance.
It is hard to believe that happened, unless no one knew about it, and THAT IS WHAT THIS CASE IS ABOUT!!  Did we know?!?!!?
On Tuesday, we will not get to speak, but we will watch our court system in action.  Several amazing activists versus the Big Three.  More exciting than Game of Thrones because THIS IS REAL!
We encourage you to support these strong citizens that have stood up for all of us and join us to watch the fate of the Pine Rocklands.
I will be there and I hope you will join us to watch the Judge decide if he wants to end it all now (goodbye, Pine Rocklands) or allow the Case to move forward.
However, not all charges can be waived, such as filing fees for different steps involved in a trial like this.  So, again, we are asking if you can help them out.  The Pine Rocklands belong to all of us and this small group is fighting non-stop on our behalf.  If you can help, please do so.
Contributions can be made on their GoFundMe page:
They are not asking us to do the work, just to help a little bit.  Please help.
Michael Rosenberg,  President
Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations
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For more info, please contact:

Michael Rosenberg
KFHA President
Phone:  305-439-3571
Miles Moss 
Phone:  305-386-1212
Fax:       305-386-5844
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Kendall  Village Center ‘Civic Pavilion’  (“Little House”)

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