Police officers, firefighters honored by KFHA, Nov. 5

Police officers, firefighters honored by KFHA, Nov. 5
Police officers, firefighters honored by KFHA, Nov. 5
Pictured at awards presentation are (l-r) Vinnie Sgroi of Mike’s Pizza, Miami-Dade Police director J.D. Patterson, Kendall District honorees Det. Dennis Colon and Blanco Dalton, Hammocks District honorees Lucia DeLeon and William Hilson, Firefighter Capt. Ernie Jillson, Lt. Ryan Townsend, Firefighter Jonathan Harding, Fire Chief Dave Downey, KFHA president Michael Rosenberg and KRMC/CEO Scott Cihak.

The Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations (KFHA) honored local Police Officers and Firefighters of the Year with a special program on. Nov. 5.

The event highlighted “year-around efforts to keep the community secure,” according to Michael Rosenberg, KFHA president.

“Most of us get up in the morning, get ready for work, and plan on returning to the comforts of our home at the end of our day. We don’t think about a ‘different ending’ to our routine because most of us have jobs that are safe and normal,” Rosenberg said.

“Imagine, being a police officer or firefighter/ paramedic and what it is like to never have a ‘routine’ day,” he said.

“What is it like to know that when you hear ‘shots fired’ you’ll be running towards the shooter? Or having to run up flights of stairs in a burning building to save someone? one? How does it feel in those desperate seconds when you are trying to save someone’s life, trying to stabilize someone as you drive furiously to the hospital with loved ones crying and praying for you to help?”

With his words KFHA members were joined by Miami-Dade Fire Chief Dave Downey and Miami-Dade Police director J.D. Patterson to present awards to Officers William Hilson and Dennis Colon, Public Service Aide Lucia A. De Leon and Blanca Dalton. Firefighters honored included Lt. Ryan Townsend, Dennis Ramos, Johnathan Harding and Capt. Ernie Jillson.

Each honoree received a gift card from Vinnie Sgroi of Mike’s Italian Restaurant that also provided refreshments for the program. Miami-Dade District 8 Commissioner Daniella Cava Levine presented a special message of thanks.

Co-sponsored by Kendall Regional Medical Center, the audience heard trauma surgeon Dr. Orlando Morejon share experiences with the audience, describing co-operative actions of police, paramedics and the hospital trauma staff to save the life of a motorcyclist whose leg was severed in a recent accident, life and death cases handled by its trauma staff.

Scott A. Cihak, KRMC/CEO, described hospital services and its commitment to the Kendall community.

“All came together to do their jobs,” Rosenberg said. “It helps make sure that the residents of Kendall have the very best care possible for all.

“It was thrilling to meet people that you hope you’ll never have to meet and realize how special it is that we have this quality of police, firefighters and doctors serving us,” he concluded.

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