Rally Held in Support of Kidnapped Boys

Rabbi Hershel Becker
Rabbi Hershel Becker

On Monday night, June 16 there was a community solidarity rally at Young Israel of Kendall, in Pinecrest, on behalf of the three boys kidnapped last Thursday night in Israel. The abduction has major significance to everyone regardless of religious affiliation. Three innocent children, on their way home from study were taken captive by terrorists.

The media did not show the reaction of terrorist sympathizers and supporters in the Middle East who celebrated the event and handed out sweets and goodies. It was like 9/11. At that time pictures released of such celebrations were quickly removed. Why? People don’t want to ruin the image of terrorists.

Many look upon this with a sense of moral equivalence. Hamas indicated three of their leaders were killed. This is their means of responding. People should appreciate and hail the elimination of terrorists. Regretfully, some people see these events as a back and forth, without taking note of a starting point. One thing is certain.

If you do not identify forces of evil, you certainly will not eradicate them.

Rabbi Becker pointed out that the objective of the rally was one. It was not meant to be a forum for any political issues, but rather a time of prayer for the boys. He cited the words of Psalms and led the group in singing one of the famous verses of Psalms: “I lift up my eyes unto the mountains, from whence will my help come? My help will come from G-d, Creator of heaven and earth.”

Why does King David begin with a question? Throughout the history of mankind, there have been challenges and distress. People look up with a question, what can I do? The answer is to turn to G-d. He created the heaven and earth. He can help.

Rabbi Becker noted that there was someone who came to the synagogue a few days before, someone who does not attend frequently. He commented to someone that he was astounded. The care of concern that people felt for those boys, not knowing them or their families, indicated a sense of oneness, that was real – uplifting and moving. One of the boys is an American citizen. The kidnapping should be something that alarms all people who cherish democracy and value freedom and goodness in the world. They need our prayers. May G-d have mercy upon them and bring them home safely.

It is easy to turn aside and not worry about these boys and continue pursuing personal interests. No one has the ability to know what another is thinking. But today there is a challenge. What is foremost on one’s mind – the World Cup or the plight of these boys?

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  1. I certainly do light three candles and pray for these boys each night and I am proud of being one of many.. Marilyn Peare, R.N.


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