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Many medicals experts strongly believe that Stem Cell Therapy is significantly safer than most surgical procedures, since there are fewer risks involved and also the severity of potential problems is much lower. Stem Cell Therapy poses almost no risk of adverse reactions by using the patient’s own Autologous Stem Cells and thus, it provides minimal risk of any infection.

In addition, Stem Cell Transplants allow your own body’s auto-repair process to basically reignite, while still lowering the risks often associated with undergoing orthopedic surgery. Our Regenerative Medicine Treatments are non-invasive, performed with the use of only a needle and the patients are solely under sedation, therefore having significantly reduced risks and / or complications when compared to the surgical alternative.

Although Stem Cell Therapy is most commonly used to treat cartilage degeneration in the knees (instead of a total knee replacement), it can also be an effective alternative for other types of surgery. For example, Stem Cell Treatments can be successfully used to treat ligament tears and tendon ruptures, such as an Achilles heel rupture, carpal tunnel and also back, spine & neck issues, as well as many other painful joint related conditions. In addition, an increasing number of reliable scientific studies indicate that Stem Cell Injections are a viable approach for patients with chronic knee pain, offering better sustained results than surgical replacements without carrying all of the risks of knee surgery.

Furthermore, at Miami Stem Cell® safety is always our number one priority and we conduct extensive medical testing prior to any of our procedures, in order to ensure that all our patients are true candidates for Stem Cell Therapy.

In conjunction with our standard basic bloodwork and other medical screening required by our strict medical protocols prior to any procedure, we also take extra precautions and conduct further extensive testing. Such extra safeguards include Tumor Marker Testing, a test that is also often called “Cancer Markers”, that checks for such indicators in the blood, urine or body tissues. Measuring circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in blood of patients has emerged as a non-invasive diagnostic procedure for screening patients who may be at high risk for developing metastatic cancers or relapse of the cancer disease. We use all these results in order to ensure that each one of our patients is a proper candidate for Stem Cell Therapy, a precaution that is NOT currently used by the large majority of Stem Cell clinics in the US, but it is strictly enforced at Miami Stem Cell® for the benefit of all our patients.

It is important to remember that surgery, unfortunately, can have many complications and these troublesome risks are highly elevated for older patients. For example, an older person may have difficulties related to anesthesia (including an increased risk of death) and / or they may struggle to regain mobility after surgery; and most importantly, surgery may raise the risk of developing blood clots. Stem Cell Therapy Treatments does not have any of these problematic risks.

In conclusion, Stem Cell Therapy far outweighs in benefits when compared to the many risks related to having surgery, particularly in these key areas:

• No Hospitalization Required / Stem Cell Treatments are conducted in only a few hours and the patient gets to go home right after the procedure.

• No Risk of Infection / Stem Cell Therapy uses Autologous Stem Cells collected from your own body.

• No Risk of General Anesthesia / Stem Cell Treatments only use localized minimal sedation.

• Shorter Recovery / Down Time since the recovery process for Stem Cell Therapy is much easier and shorter than surgical recovery. Most patients do not experience any pain or swelling after 24 hours. This means they can quickly return to their normal life.

• Requires much less post-procedure pain medication.

Miami Stem Cell® continues to be at the forefront in the clinical application of Stem Cell Treatments in America and our highly acclaimed Team of Experts effectively treats a wide variety of conditions that include:

• Arthritis (pain in the knee, shoulders, hips, spine, cervix and other joints).
• Sports injuries (Tennis Player’s Elbow, Golfer’s Shoulder,etc.).
• Degeneration of lumbar discs / Sciatica and pain in the lower back.
• Fibromyalgia.
• Tendinitis / Carpal Tunnel.
• Sexual dysfunction in men and women.
• Congestive Heart Disease.
• Coronary artery disease.
• Peripheral Vascular Condition.
• Asthma / COPD / Respiratory problems.
• Urinary incontinence.

In addition, Miami Stem Cell® also provides a comprehensive Wellness Program that includes: State-Of-The-Art Micro-Nutrient Testing and personalized IV Infusion Therapy, which perfectly aligns with our commitment to improve the overall health of all our patients. All these innovative Wellness Treat-ments are administered by our team of medical experts and are a great complement to our Regenerative Treatment initiative. ——————————————

So if you are interested in learning more about our non-invasive Stem Cell Treatment modalities or to schedule a free consultation with our Team of Experts, please call Miami Stem Cell® at (305) 598-7777 or contact us via email at

You can also visit our website: or follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, as well as watch our amazing testimonial videos on our YouTube channel.

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