Sex and the single senior or alive and well.

Frances Reaves

Sex and the single senior or alive and well.  Simply because we look old doesn’t mean that fantasies of throbbing members and wet flowers are gone.  In fact, STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) abound in “senior communities.”   Today there are creams and pills to assist in the effort of “love making” and, no surprise, if sex feels good why not indulge?!?

Women joke of men going from door to door with a Viagra erection.  They don’t always “come” but the ‘member’ receives a lot of attention from willing wet flowers!  A favorite story is of a wilted wet flower who called the nurse because she thought she was having a heart attack.  The nurse told her it was an orgasm!  The clue, the woman was NOT in pain.

And what about sex and seniors!  It’s all good! In fact, today more seniors are having more sex than ever before!  In a recent New England Journal of Medicine Study with a response rate of over 75%, those between the ages of 57-75 had a 50% rate of regular sex and those between 75 and 85 a 33% rate.  

As you age, remember one thing when it comes to sex, “use it or lose it.”  Here are the benefits to ‘using it’

    • It improves sleep
    • It eases Stress
    • It’s considered exercise (but don’t give up the treadmill)
    • It lowers the risk of heart attacks because it keeps estrogen and testosterone levels in balance
    • It boosts the libido
    • It keeps the immune system strong
    • It improves women’s bladder control (you’re using the muscles)

And you feel good!  There is one little caveat  . . . you have to stay fit.  All the research discusses how important it is to keep your heart and mind working through exercise.  This does not mean running 10Ks but it does mean walking two or three miles 3 or 4 times a week.  One thought – do it with your partner or a wannabe partner. 

The way I see it, walking, sweat, sex – all good for your blood pressure and heart healthy!  The good news, you won’t get pregnant.  The bad news, if you have multiple partners (no judgment) use a condom!!  

And to all women reading this – we benefits much more than men  from a rewarding sexual relationship (or two).

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