Stop cell phone towers in horse country

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Horse Country Miami and its agricultural character is once again under attack. This time by what neighbors are calling the 130-foot “T-Mobile Tower of Terror” now being proposed for installation on a private parcel at 6201 SW 118 Ave., in Miami.

This drastic change on the horizon requires Miami residents to get informed, ask questions, and get involved – and sign our petition now to stop Eco-Site, the firm that hopes to build, own, and operate this wireless structure for cell-phone carriers.

Miami-Dade County recently designated Horse Country, known for its lush scenery and its passion for horses, as an area of significance within the county due to the importance of agriculture to our community. Yet our Community Council received a staff report on Sept. 22, 2016, from the County’s Department of Regulatory & Economic Resources recommending approval of the application to construct a 130-ft wireless support facility and ancillary equipment.

Besides the obvious detrimental visual impact to our rural island in the middle of the busy city, scientific studies associate bee-colony collapse disorder in beehives due to Radio Frequency/Electromagnetic Radiation (RF/EMR) and detrimental effects to birds and livestock. In addition, the World Health Organization states that RF/EMR radiation from cell phones it is a possible carcinogens in humans.

According to one web search which there are 133 cell phone towers nearby in a four-mile radius. This is not about need – rather, this is about corporate greed. Enough is enough. Please sign our petition to help us preserve and protect this area for generations of Miami residents to come.

We request that no cell phone tower is installed at this location for the following reasons:

PROPERTY DEVALUATION: Homeowners and potential buyers in the area just don’t want 130-foot “towering” antenna in Horse County, marring the beauty of the community and negatively impacting desirability for residents and homebuyers. According to a 2005 study published in the Appraisal Journal, “the results of the sales analysis show prices of properties were reduced by around 21 percent after a cell phone tower was built in the neighborhood.” Simply ask yourself if you would prefer to purchase a home which has cell towers looming over it, or one that does not.

RADIATION: People living in proximity of cell towers have three times the normal cancer risk and an unusually high level of complaints of “extreme fatigue, memory loss, headaches, sleep disorders, depression, skin problems, hearing loss, and cardiovascular problems.” And among wildlife, studies also show a negative impact RF/EMR from cell phone towers on birds, bees, wildlife, and plants. As local stewards of Horse Country, it is our responsibility to protect the flora and fauna from the “downward scatter” of cell phone tower radiation.

ALTERNATIVE SITES: We understand that the federal courts have already ruled that a municipality has no obligation to allow intrusive cell phone tower installations anywhere within its borders when adequate coverage already exists. Eco-Site and telecommunications companies should be required to find more appropriate locations in commercial and industrial zones and exhaust all alternative scenarios. Let us work with the developers to accommodating our request to stop the tower from being built in this location. Let us reach a win-win situation for all parties so that Eco-Site can finish the project without opposition, the cell phone company can add capacity, and local families and neighbors can raise their children without fear of potential health problems that may affect them in the future. We will not be forced to look at unnatural eyes sores on the Horse Country horizon.

As the long-term impact of cell phone towers on neighborhoods, wildlife, and individuals is still unknown, we call for the need for extreme precaution. Horse Country residents should prevent a cell phone tower from being constructed in this residential area.

We request Eco-Site and public and elected officials to listen to us and respect our needs. Our community should not be a stepping stone for future business plan growth for cell phone companies and developers.

Ernie Thomas, President-Horse Country Miami Homeowner’s Association
C: 786-600-2205

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  1. Is there a petition going around? How do we sign on? What is being done to let all others in the area, east and west of the turnpike?


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