The Political Pianist From District Seven…Michael Rosenberg

Michael Rosenberg

Years ago the Community Newspapers did a story on Michael Rosenberg and his musical background.   He is now a candidate for Miami-Dade County Commissioner in District Seven.  The campaign season requires an enormous amount of investment in time and energy from the candidates, and the Community Newspapers wanted to find out if Rosenberg was still finding time to play the piano and write music.   As a community activist, Rosenberg has appeared in front of the County Commission on issues regarding recycling, community councils, the challenges of understanding public notices, police issues, traffic, sanitation, and a host of other topics all while keeping an eye on Pets’ Trust issues as well as his volunteer duties as President of the Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations.     

So, when asked about his music, Community Newspapers was quite surprised with the answer, when a link to a piano performance of an original composition was sent to the newspaper office.  The recording was made just last week.

Michael Rosenberg Piano Performance of Original Composition “The Children Of Our World”

“Many people are surprised or even shocked when they hear I have a Master’s Degree in piano performance. In fact, I am often asked if I am some sort of an attorney because of all the community activities I am involved in.   The reality is, I not only play the piano, but write songs as well.  In fact, if you really want to know me, watch this video,” Rosenberg commented. 

The song, “The Children Of Our World, was recorded at the studio of the incredible Miami arranger and producer, Paul Hoyle,  with the video portion filmed at the Coral Gables Congregational Church( built in 1924) on an amazing Bosendorfer grand piano.   “A magical moment was created in that Church and it was a thrilling performing on a Bosendorfer piano”, Rosenberg said.

Rosenberg also added, “there is a vocal arrangement of the song as well, but due to copyright concerns I have to only play that version in person as it can’t be shared at the moment”.   He went on to say he has grand dreams for this song which includes of course, the children of our world.

Community Newspapers can’t recall an elected official with artistic talents from past years, but Rosenberg would certainly fit the bill as the Political Pianist from Kendall if he wins this election.  

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