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It’s no secret that Miami is a great place to live and visit – and now the city is also getting noticed for being the best place in the country for small businesses. Miami outranked even New York City to be named the number one city for small business growth in 2019, according to Biz2Credit’s annual rankings. Plus, WalletHub just ranked Florida as the sixth best state in the country to start a business.

But even in a favorable business climate, small business owners face all types of challenges, not to mention fierce competition. Comcast Business, which provides advanced telecommunications and technology services to companies of all sizes, has some tips on how small business owners can utilize technology to tackle common roadblocks and help their operations grow and thrive.

Consider a phone system upgrade

Even something as basic as your phone system can make a difference to your bottom line if you use some of the latest phone technology available today.  For example, cloud-based phone systems like Comcast Business VoiceEdge offer Voice Mobility features that allow a business to take business calls on any phone or mobile device so you stay connected even on the road.  It even has a nifty app that lets you use your business number anywhere so you can make calls from your business phone number, even when you’re not in the office.

Share your WiFi

According to a national survey of entrepreneurs and small business IT decision makers, offering free WiFi works better at keeping customers happy than common “waiting area” conveniences like candy, water or magazines. 

Allowing customers to email, surf and stream on your WiFi network can increase sales as longer visits mean additional purchases, particularly at coffee shops and restaurants. It can also help build customer loyalty as your location will become known for having this sought-after amenity. 

Before making free customer WiFi available, business owners must consider how to protect the company’s information and operations that are also utilizing its network. Comcast Business WiFi Pro service gives businesses two separate networks – one for business operations, and a second guest network for visitors or customers.

Be prepared

Living in paradise in South Florida also means small business owners need to be prepared for potential weather-related disasters year-round and be even more vigilant during hurricane season. Before a hurricane or other disaster is heading their way, all business owners should have a disaster preparedness plan in place that includes how to protect and access its assets and data.

Investing in a back-up cable modem is a simple first step in disaster preparations. Using cloud-based services with off-site servers can allow you to still access important files even if downed trees or flooding prevent you from getting into your actual business.

Comcast Business Connection Pro can help business owners keep operations up and running even if the electricity goes out. In the event of an internet or network disruption, Connection Pro automatically connects to the stronger of two redundant wireless networks, allowing small businesses to power their essential business functions – such as point of sale systems, back office connections, email and cloud-based applications – for up to eight hours.

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