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Marlene Green

Marlene Green is a professional executive coach, trainer, and author who has provided team building, executive coaching expertise and talent development for senior executives in Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit organizations and academia. 


What Makes a Good Leader?


Leadership is critically important to business and personal success.  The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, by John Maxwell, outlines qualities you may want to develop to become a better leader. By the way, I am a Founding Member of the John Maxwell Team, which sets the standard for the coaching, speaking and training certification industry.


However, does a list of qualities answer the question of what makes a good leader? No.


You Know a Good Leader When You See One


You aren’t listing leadership qualities in your head or making a calculation that says if 1 + 1 exists, then they must be a leader.  A good leader is created in a natural and organic way.


A good leader is someone who develops and motivates. They train people to be accountable for their promises and they keep their word. Emotional Intelligence plays a big part in people trusting and wanting to provide the best work they can deliver.

Leadership requires practice.

Leadership works from what you care about, it includes your vision and values.

Leadership requires you to be consistent.

Leadership comes from a shared vision.

Great Leaders


Great leaders train and develop themselves as well as their people. They are always learning.


They stay true to their vision and are consistent in their values as well as personalities. You can count on them.


We all have obstacles to overcome.  We have our story that we have to write.  Each day our challenge is to lead ourselves to the best of our ability.  But to be a good leader, we need to do more than just lead ourselves.


Good Leadership Starts with a Vision


Leaders need a specific set of goals, specific targets and outcomes.


Good leaders do what it takes to turn a vision into reality. It is a process that is daily and ongoing. Yet, they make it look easy.


Research has determined that effective leaders are those who are able to address two different kinds of needs within their organizations: efficiency needs and human needs. Good leaders must be effective at planning, implementing and working with the people in their organizations.


Overcoming daily obstacles will eventually lead you to greater accomplishments and certainly the accolades of being known as a good leader.


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