A Column by Marlene Green

A Column by Marlene Green
Marlene Green

Marlene Green is a professional executive coach, trainer, and author who has provided team building, executive coaching expertise and talent development for senior executives in Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit organizations and academia.

I’m Overwhelmed….

Too much to do, and too little time – that seems to be everyone’s reality these days. And, people in leadership positions seem to be particularly crunched for time. One recurring theme I hear from my clients is: how can I possibly do everything I’m supposed to do?

Here are four approaches I recommend to overcome the “overwhelm.”

Delegate … Don’t spend time doing things other people can and should be doing. Maybe you enjoy doing a particular task, or perhaps you don’t trust others to do it as well.

Regardless of the reason, your time should not be spent doing something that is someone else’s job. Delegating is the only way to ensure that more tasks get done in less time.

A very successful attorney confided that although he had an abundance of high paying clients, his billable hours were not as high as they could be. To make matters worse, he was always at the office, missing out on time with his family. He needed to learn to let go, delegate, and hold his team accountable. Once he took the time to do that, he, his staff and his family were happier and more productive.

Accountability Without Micromanagement …Having reports and tools in place to ensure deadlines are being met, and tasks are being checked off, is important. Knowing every detail of the process is not. You must trust the competence of the employees you hired and must hold them accountable for the desired results.

Expectations … Make time for regular meetings to discuss progress. Use this time to change priorities, if necessary, to align with your business goals. Effective communication and clear expectations keep employees focused.

Make a Plan … By taking notice of what needs to get done, and deciding whether it can be delegated, you can stop thinking about how to “get it all done,” and focus on the actual doing.

One client was building a team with no real plan. They were always chasing the next client but never sat down, set goals, created expectations and assembled a plan of action for client retention. To their credit, they were doing so well they didn’t see the need to change.

And then…they lost of a lot of business due to poor client service and follow up. By failing to have a plan for client retention, they were forced to always chase new clients to replace the ones they had lost.

The tighter you hold onto methods that aren’t working, the longer it will take to move forward. Your results are 100% dependent on your mindset, beliefs, and commitment. Use these suggestions as a starting point. Be open to change and willing to learn new techniques to attain success. Think you’re ready? Email me about group and individual coaching opportunities.

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