A Personal Story from Lynn Carey and Arbonne


By Dr. Lynn Carey

I spent most of my teenage years trying to figure out how to get well. I was sick all the time. I had spinal surgeries for scoliosis when I was 15, which if I knew what I know today, I would never have done them. It took about 5 years in and out of medical doctors’ offices and physical therapists’ offices, with all different symptoms and horrendous pain, without any help, before I discovered chiropractic! The philosophy of chiropractic alone, stating that the body can heal itself, sold me! It was the first truth I heard after so many years of chaos! I decided to move to Marietta, GA and attend chiropractic school at Life University. It was a slow process, but between the adjustments and changing my thinking, I began to heal. Chiropractic changed my life. I wanted to go back to my hometown of Wilmington, DE, open my own principled chiropractic office and change the world!

But then a few things happened once I opened my office. I realized no one ever taught me about money, cashflow, or running a business. I began reading financial books like a crazy person and I came across Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It blew my mind! He said if you are employed or self-employed, you will never be financially free because you are trading your time for money. You must build assets that pay you residual income to create true wealth. I was really angry that no one ever taught me this, ever, let alone all those years in school!

Another thing that happened was I began to adjust many people in my office, many with chronic, repeated stress symptoms. I was listening to their stories and I realized that there were many common themes: not enough time, not enough money, working at a job they hated, no purpose, no passion, worrying about student loans, worrying about sending their kids to college, or worrying about their retirement, besides wanting to enjoy life or take a vacation! I also saw people compromising their health because they couldn’t afford to buy organic or pay for alternative health treatments. They even stayed at jobs they hated just to get health insurance, which is disease and crisis care, not health! This was what I considered true, hopeless insanity and living in the rat race. I sincerely wanted to change this!

Then this little thing called Arbonne came my way from a dear friend and fellow chiropractor who made me take a look. I definitely had preconceived notions about what I thought it was, but what I learned blew me away! It combined all my worlds; healthy living, personal development, and financial freedom; into one! I knew I could help more people in a deeper way through the vehicle of Arbonne.

At the same time, I personally outgrew being in my practice after 18 years and living in my hometown. I fell in love with Miami Beach! And I fell more in love with doing Arbonne! So in December of 2016, I closed my practice, moved to Miami Beach with my 12 year old son and continue to do what I love with Arbonne! If you’d like to learn more or see if the vehicle of Arbonne can help you live your best life, contact me:




IG: @lynn.carey.54

YouTube: Dr. Lynn Carey.54

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