AQUA Art Miami Celebrates 13th Year of Supporting Emerging & Mid-Career Artists, Announces 2017 Exhibitor List Showcasing Vibrant & Noteworthy International Art Programs

(December 6 – 10, 2017)
(December 6 – 10, 2017)

aqua art 2017 vip preview

AQUA Art Miami, a sister fair of Art Miami, will celebrate its 13th edition this year at the AQUA Hotel in Miami Beach. A VIP Preview will be held on Wednesday, December 6 before the fair opens its doors to the public December 7-10. 

The fair is a must-attend destination for influential collectors and art professionals to discover fresh talent and acquire works from emerging and mid-career artists. This year, 51 international exhibitors will present exciting works in intimate exhibition rooms that open onto the classic South Beach hotel’s beautiful courtyard. 

Through the years, AQUA Art Miami has solidified itself as a unique event that stays true to its signature ‘relaxed-yet-energetic’ vibe, which is why it remains a favorite gathering spot for both seasoned and new collectors to view and purchase art of the highest quality while exchanging cultural ideas and forming meaningful connections. Once again, the fair will host spellbinding performance pieces while exhibiting a curated selection of special projects. This year, AQUA Art Miami will shine a spotlight on fashion and style and its distinct relationship to contemporary art, through standout projects that include: 

AQUA Lobby Pop Up presented by Cindy Lisica Gallery (Houston) 
The pop up shop will display a curated selection of original artwork, photography, limited edition prints, books and collectible art objects. 

BE ART by Laura Kimpton presented by HG Contemporary (New York)
Kimpton, Burning Man breakout star, has created a 16-foot tall sculpture that embraces the centuries-old practice of art honoring intellectuals, artists and men of power by mimicking a traditional Roman marble bust. Her gold bust of a female monkey wearing a gold-plated necklace that proudly exclaims BE ART will welcome guests. 

LoveArt Gallery - The Line Up; Christine Wexler 2016
LoveArt Gallery – The Line Up; Christine Wexler 2016

Live Tattoo Art by Thea Duskin presented by Ghostprint Gallery (Richmond)
Duskin is renowned for her exquisite watercolor tattoos and will provide live performances at select times throughout the fair, where in addition to working on large, pre-scheduled pieces, Duskin will offer fairgoers the opportunity to acquire an original one-off, single-session tattoo that can be completed in a short amount of time. Priced at $500, they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

 Art from Canada presented by the Consulate General of Canada (Miami)
2017 marks Canada’s 150
th anniversary since Confederation, and to celebrate, the Consulate General of Canada has spearheaded a curated project by Tranter-Sinni Gallery to highlight works from emerging and established Canadian artists from diverse backgrounds to reflect the rich regional range of Canada’s multiculturalism. Participating artists include Barbara Steinman, John Brown, Paterson Ewen, Wolfgang Kals, Jay Bell Red Bird, Russell Leng, Halina Stopyra, Andrew Maize and Christopher Gorey.

Talk with Art from Canada Artists – Saturday, December 9th at 2pm 
On Saturday, December 9
th at 2pmthe Consulate General of Canada in Miami and Tranter-Sinni Gallery will host an up-close and personal talk with two artists showing work at AQUA. Jay Bell Red Bird will speak about Canada’s aboriginal people – how they once lived, and continue to live, as loving, caring and peaceful people. He will talk about his time spent with Canadian artist Norval Morrisseau, and how great Canadian artists, including his father, Duke Redbird, have influenced his style and technique. Halina Stopyra will then discuss her work from a healing arts perspective, as well as her technique and intrinsic ability to heal through nature, each other and the universe.

AQUA Moments presented by Black Ship (Miami)
AQUA Moments will re-imagine space through sound, architecture, scent and the visual arts to create new environments that engage audiences to identify with all aspects of their surroundings by curation that stimulates and provokes multisensory satisfaction. As part of this program, m
ultimedia performance artist Bea Pernia will provide the musical atmosphere for the VIP Preview.

AQUA Hotel Lobby exhibit featuring BAS Kosters presented by Rademakers Gallery (Amsterdam) 
Artist and fashion designer Bas Kosters believes that fashion transforms, and as you wear a garment you become part of the art. His illustrations, drawings, paintings and graphic designs all work their way into his fashion creations. His work is a warning about alarming social issues by means of dark humor, while endeavoring to create enthusiasm and happiness on the other hand.

“Which Comes First, the Art or the Fashion?” presented by Morphew (New York)
Fashion and art always have been collaborators, and to this end, Morphew presents an art gallery and shop to showcase the ways in which these two worlds coexist through offering the most avant-garde 20th century designers and artists of luxury vintage fashion. The space will feature an installation dedicated to Keith Haring and his Pop Shop, as well as a collaboration with Kara Ross and Unleashed, where three original Bindi works utilizing vintage textiles will celebrate a collective of artisan women from Bareilly, India who are experts in the art of hand beading. These pieces were created through Unleashed’s work as a global social impact brand that provides women the opportunity to break the poverty cycle through education and job creation. 


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