Artemis World Campus: Revolutionizing Admission to Top-Ranked Universities


MIAMI, FL – Every aspiring student should have the chance to aim for the stars and

achieve their dreams. But for many, the path to a degree from a world-class

university is blocked by sky-high costs and unrealistic admission criteria. Artemis

World Campus is breaking down these barriers with its groundbreaking pathway

program, allowing students to graduate with internationally recognized degrees

from some of the highest-ranked universities worldwide.


Today, Artemis World Campus proudly announces the launch of its unique pathway

to top–ranked bachelor’s programs, making world-class education from over 28

elite global universities available to students.


Selecting Miami as its first U.S. center, Artemis recognizes the city’s vibrant

diversity, thriving economy, and global connectivity. Artemis forms a pivotal bridge

connecting Miami with an impressive global network of over 28 prestigious

universities in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.


This groundbreaking initiative showcases Miami’s growing importance as a global

hub for education and affirms its position on the world stage. For the first time,

students can tap into the extensive academic offerings of leading international

universities, all from Miami, Florida. This initiative ushers in a new era of education,

with Artemis at the helm, making world-class university programs more accessible

and attainable, right from Miami, thereby expanding the city’s educational



Artemis offers an innovative 3-year bachelor’s program in Business and

Engineering, enabling students to start their education journey in Miami. They then

progress, with a guaranteed transfer, to complete their degrees at prestigious

partner universities abroad. This combination offers a blend of American and

international education, expanding students’ cultural perspectives and preparing

them for global careers.


To highlight the caliber of Artemis partner universities and the quality of the

programs, here are some rankings from the 2023 QS World Rankings, along with

their US counterparts:

  • University of Manchester: Ranked #28 (NYU #39)
  • University of Bristol: Ranked #61 (Brown University #63)
  • University of Leeds: Ranked #86 (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  • University of Auckland: Ranked #87 (Georgia Tech #88)
  • University of Western Australia: Ranked #90 (Penn State #93)
  • University of Birmingham: Ranked #91 (Penn State #93)
  • University of Sheffield: Ranked #96 (Rice University #100)


“Artemis is not just an education provider; it’s a game-changer in the higher

education landscape in the USA,” says Ben Taarit, CEO and Co-Founder of Artemis.

“We’re challenging the status quo of higher education as we envision a world where

top-ranked university programs aren’t just a luxury, but an accessible reality for all

students who dare to dream and work hard. So here at Artemis, our goal is to

empower every student with the golden ticket to graduate with a world-class

degree from some of the most prestigious universities in the world. And we’re doing it without compromising the authentic, personalized, face-to-face learning

experiences that make education truly meaningful.”


Carrie Moody, Director of Admissions at Artemis, echoes this sentiment, “We’re

challenging the status quo of higher education. We envision a world where

top-ranked university programs are not a luxury but an accessible reality for all

students who dare to dream and work hard.”


The Artemis model offers significant advantages. In addition to graduating a full

year earlier than most traditional undergraduate programs, students can save up to

$72,000 in tuition and housing fees. Furthermore, the program paves the way for

students to pursue a Master’s degree in just an additional year at one of Artemis

partner universities.

Early Applications Are Open:

Applying early to Artemis comes with added benefits. Students applying before July

31st may receive scholarships up to $21,500, along with exclusive access to online

meetups discussing student life in Miami and abroad.


“The program supported me with everything I needed. It was a huge help and

allowed me to get into my dream university.” shares Nicole, who is currently

pursuing her Bachelor of Fashion Marketing at the prestigious UK university.


To find out more about this exceptional opportunity, visit or call or text +1 (800) 814-7951


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