Bigfoot Sculpture Seeks Permanent Footprint in Miami


Bigfoot Sculpture Seeks Permanent Footprint in MiamiInternational sculptor promotes cultural awareness and tolerance through his art

One of the first big events of the art season on Miami Beach will take place on November 27th when the Bigfoot sculpture is unveiled at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden to visitors and media. Immersed in the natural pond at the entrance of the Gardens, artist Idan Zareski’s dazzling and impactful Bigfoot sculpture dramatically greets every visitor to the Garden. A “world traveler,” Bigfoot, Zareski says, was created as a clarion call for hope and unity around the world. To date, the Bigfoot sculpture has been experienced by art lovers on three continents but hopes to make its permanent home on Miami Beach.

Zareski’s Bigfoot sculpture was born out of his passion for encouraging cultural awareness and tolerance around the globe, “Bigfoot’s huge feet are like the roots of our past, our anchor to this small fragile Earth; reminding us that we are all from the same small planet. His relaxed attitude and the appearance of contemplation that emanate from Bigfoot is a testimony that no matter our race or color, where we live and who we are, we are all an intrinsic element of the planet.”

Bigfoot’s current home is the Miami Beach Botanical Garden (MBBG) but the sculpture is seeking a permanent home at a private residence, public venue or cultural/ governmental institution. The Garden often serves as a venue for visual and performing arts and is a popular tourist destination. The Garden creates environmental education programs for children and adults, preserves green space and promotes green living.

Cindy Brown, the newly appointed Executive Director of the MBBG, is an advocate of the sculpture and says its current presence at the Garden is a boon for Beach residents, “the collaboration between Bigfoot and the MBBG works well together, and benefits visitors, sponsors and residents of Miami Beach,” says Brown.

Bigfoot’s team is actively working with art consultants and private entities to raise awareness about the sculpture and market it to art enthusiasts. To find out more, contact Sebastien Laboureau, CEO and Founder of MoonStar Fine Arts Advisors, which acts as an independent advisor to Idan Zareski and is managing the sale of Bigfoot.

Artist Idan Zareski is represented in Miami by Bernard Markowicz, of Markowicz Fine Art, and in Costa Rica, his current home, by Klaus Steinmetz. Steinmetz will present for the first time a large scale version of the artist’s sculpture, BabyFoot, at the CONTEXT art fair during Art Basel Miami Beach in December.

The Bigfoot sculpture will be recognized at the MBBG on November 27th, at 5pm, at one of the first big events to kick off Art Basel Miami Beach. The event is being held in conjunction with the Miami Beach Sister Cities Committee Regional Summit, hosted by Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower and the GMCVB’s VP of Cultural Tourism, George Neary.

For more information, visit www.mbgarden. org or call, (305)673-7256.


A French citizen born in Haifa, Israel Idan Zareski never attended Art School but knew early on that he had a special gift. As an artist Idan says, “I don’t plan or organize, I don’t draw sketches. My raw emotions serve as my only guide. When I work, I feel in absolute communion with a force greater than myself.”

Idan shapes his creations out of clay, water and fire and later sets them in bronze. Idan currently works out of Costa Rica, creating work that travels around the world. Idan Zareski’s work has been exhibited in France, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Costa Rica, Colombia, and the U.S.


MoonStar is an independent art advisory firm dedicated to serving private collectors, investors, family offices, wealth advisors and various industry sectors such as hotels, high-end real estate and luxury brands. The company provides market insight, analytical perspective, expertise and privileged access to protect, preserve and grow art assets, and to develop and execute any strategy linked to the art market. The firm sources and advises on art-related purchase and sale transactions, focused on Modern and Contemporary Art. Sebastien Laboureau has been a contemporary art collector for more than 15 years and is the trusted advisors to various private collectors, corporations, and art institutions all over the world.


Markowicz Fine Art is an Art Gallery located in the Miami Design District. Since July of 2010, Markowicz Fine art has represented the Mourlot Estate in Florida. The gallery represents pop art artists known worldwide, such as Robert Indiana, Tom Otterness, Steven Gagnon, Takashi Murakami, Tom Wesselmann, among others. The gallery is located in the Miami Design District, 114 NE 40th, Miami.


Klaus Steinmetz Contemporary is the leading contemporary art gallery in Central America. Founded in 2000, it has participated in the major art fairs of the continent, from Buenos Aires and Rio to Art Basel Miami Beach. Klaus Steinmetz has been in the art business both as dealer and a consultant for 22 years and has been able to include some of his artists in the major collections of Margulies and CIFO. KSC has been dealing with monumental sculptures in public spaces for decades and designed the strategy for the Big Foot Project, inclusive of his visits to Monaco, Basel and Viareggio, Italy.


The mission of the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is to provide free public access to an attractive botanical garden, create environmental education programs for children and adults, preserve green space, and promote green living. The Garden serves as a venue for visual and performing arts, and acts as a cultural tourist destination in Miami Beach.

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  1. Either it's the camera angle or those really are pretty big feet. In any case, this may very well be the closest we'll get to seeing a real bigfoot – unless, of course, someone gets extremely lucky.


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