Branding, Marketing, and the Video In-Between


It can get a little confusing trying to understand what is Branding and what is Marketing, especially if you donʼt work in an ad agency. Every campaign you see on a billboard, hear on the radio, watch on television or see online, has branding and marketing behind it. Just so you better understand the importance of both – and how to use a video for them both – Iʼll give you a few examples. Letʼs play an association game. I’ll say a word, and you think of the first association that comes to your mind:

When I say Volvo, you think… I say Coca-Cola, you think… How about Gieco … ?

Each of the above companies has branded their product in a very unique way. Even though there are many other car companies, when it comes to car safety, Volvo is typically the first one that jumps to mind. This is what the company wanted you to think and remember, and so they created most of their past campaigns around it. Coca-Cola makes you think of a quenching, cold drink, and Geico – of course – 15 minutes can save you 15% or more…

Marketing, on the other hand, is the platforms the companies use to post or advertise, so that a specific target audience – for example, a father who’s seeking a safe car to purchase (a Volvo!) – will see it. Once they do see it, the strong branding – the message, if you will – will penetrate deeply and do the rest of the work so they will buy. A video can serve both purposes: as a branding tool to create and deliver a strong message, and as a marketing tool to promote this message in front of the specific target audience. Using this tools, make it easier so it can be viewed directly by your target audience more than any other advertising out there.

The video as the strongest tool to create your best image

A brand is a promise. It is telling people what they will get when they buy your services or purchase your product so they can make a decision whether or not it is what they want. Branding your business means that you differentiate your business from EVERYTHING that is out there. When you shop, you’re looking for something specific. You have an idea how much you’re about to spend and on what things you’re unwilling to compromise.

For example, let’s look at a dry cleaning service. Many people need it and use it on a weekly basis. If you own a dry cleaning business and offer your service to me, I would probably say that I have my own place I’ve used for years. I know the people there, they give me a discount, and they do a pretty good job. I’ll probably turn you down. But it all can change…

If you told me, for example, that you wash every shirt individually, or that you iron it by hand, or that every shirt goes through a unique process nobody else has – checked by four different people to ensure quality – you might get my attention. It can also be a key location or even a special service like laundry pick up or drop off. The fact is: there might ALWAYS be something better than what I use or buy. Your job would be to convince me that you have the perfect solution for me – a solution that NOBODY else has. Branding is creating a point of difference so that people can acknowledge and appreciate.

A branding video would be a video that delivers a strong message, defining your business as unique – that there is no other business like it. In a branding video, you can deliver the same information other businesses in your industry have, but the video will differentiate your businessʼ one-of-a-kind essence. Never use price point, service or quality as a unique differentiator. Find what it is that makes your business stand apart from the others, and embrace it to the point where your buyers will cherish this and never forget it. By adding value to something they buy or use, your product or service can make their lives easier, faster, smarter, safer – or whatever the case may be.

The video as a marketing tool

Today, nobody has time. People want to get your message in the shortest time, and if they’re entertained along the way, you nailed it. A video is a great tool to use today, but if not done properly, it’ll disappear into the saturated advertising market. Marketing videos are helping you get the attention of the viewer, focusing on the problem they were (or weren’t) aware they have and creating a desire to get the impactful solution you offer. After creating the interest, you’ll direct them to learn more about your service or product. You’ll encourage them to give you a call, visit your site, or walk into your store.

For example, if you suffer from migraines or shoulder pain, the marketing video will emphasize how disturbing this condition is. By introducing a new solution that takes the pain away within seconds you’ll probably get the viewer’s attention. Now you can say something like: “For more information,” or “to get your free product, visit our website at”.

Marketing Video on Social Media is super important today and can assist you in winning the battle over your target audience’s attention.



Omer BarSadeh is the CEO of Vision Movies, specializing in video branding marketing for small, and medium-sized businesses in South Florida. For more information, advice and assistance, visit their website at or call them at 305.509.2527

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