Choose Fresh. Blocks Pizza Deli

Choose Fresh. Blocks Pizza Deli

Choose Fresh. Blocks Pizza DeliAs a newly established restaurateur here in the US and specifically in Miami Beach I had to carry out my own little research of the trends in the food business in this area.

Tourists, families, health freaks, party animals, foodies all need to be satisfied. The diversity of the population is reflected also in the numerous kinds of food establishments present in the area. From Italian to Japanese, from burgers to burrito, from empanada to shish kebab if you are looking for something it’s very likely you will find it. Despite all the different cuisines, when I’m looking for a place to eat, I created my own 2 categories: dry and fresh. A dry restaurant is a place that doesn’t have or has lost its juice, its essence along the way.

The passion that should fill the space between those four walls has disappeared or has never even existed. It’s a place where pre cooked meats are preferred to the joy of cooking and filling the room with its aroma. Ingredients are chosen based solely on their efficiency rather than the flavor.

It’s a place where more is better.

On the contrary, a fresh restaurant is where every dish is a reflection of somebody’s passion, whether it’s the owner’s or the chef’s. And this passion is then shared by the people passing through its entrance. It’s not just an abstract concept but a truly authentic will to serve its customers as if they were their family. No cutting corners, no compromises, just honest cooking with the incessant thought of the responsibility every restaurateur should feel. I’m doing something that will end up in somebody’s body.

Choose Fresh. Blocks Pizza DeliOur “Mother Dough” was first created on the island of Sardinia in Italy 300 years ago. Unbleached and unbromated flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt, water and our Mother dough as a leavening agent. The dough is leavened for three days, which makes our pizza easy to digest, healthy and rich in minerals. Fresh produce, fresh meats, fresh cheeses, sauces prepared in house, extra virgin olive oil infused with spices. No frozen, no precooked, no dried. We don’t even have a freezer!

Blocks Pizza makes delicious pizzas one “block” at a time. We only allow the freshest ingredients, organic seasonal produce, all natural deli meats sliced before you and homemade sauces to top our delicately baked crust. Create your own or choose from one of our favorites… Don’t feel like pizza? We cover all sorts of cravings with our home baked Blocks Pockets and freshly made Salads that also come in a delicious crispy Pocket like you have never seen before! Our Total taste experience is only half the story.

Visit Blocks Pizza at 1447 Washington Avenue or online at

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