Clevelander Hotel in South Beach leading global hotel safety efforts


For over 80 years, the world famous Clevelander South Beach has known the secret to success is their people. Location, service and amenities make a hotel good, but it is the staff that makes a hotel great.

Clevelander employees follow a core brand philosophy of Fun, Friendly, Sports & Entertainment all in a CLEAN & SAFE environment.

In today’s world, all hotels globally recognize the need to combat the unknown security issues of the modern era. Although Clevelander has had 80 years of being a safe place to work & play, they are taking a proactive stance to make sure the next 80 years will continue to be a safe place for their staff & guests.

To accomplish this, the Clevelander Hotel has partnered with Creating Revolutions to equip their staff with Creating Revolutions’ cutting edge mobile tools that are specifically designed to reduce or remove many modern-day security concerns (including Sexual Assault, Active Shooters, Human Trafficking and more). To do this, Creating Revolutions uses its multi-patented platform known as Touch & Discover™ or TND for short. The platform utilizes next generation Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, with a 1st of its kind Artificial Intelligence (AI), designed from the ground up to enhance hotel employees in every single department.

Just one example of using TND includes protecting Housekeepers when cleaning a room. According to a report by the Center for American Progress, Hotel Housekeepers have the highest percentage of being victims of sexual crimes, compared to any other industry. That makes sense because Housekeepers are most frequently alone in closed environments, unfortunately making them easy targets of sexual assaults.

Using TND, before a housekeeper enters a room, they place a palm size device known as the Employee Mobile Unit (EMU), on a paper thin NFC chip, the size of a quarter, that is positioned strategically on the front door. This initiates a timer on both the EMU and the TND secure server. While this timer counts down, the housekeeper enters the room and checks all possible hiding places for a potential assailant. If the housekeeper does not touch their EMU to a second strategically placed NFC chip at the far side of the room before the timer ends, then management and security are instantly informed of the emergency. The notification includes which employee and their exact location.

Beyond this one use-case, there are numerous other safety & security use-cases TND solves, making it vastly more powerful than other hotel solutions like generic panic buttons. In fact, TND overcomes the long list of panic button liabilities & failings.

The Clevelander Hotel staff have welcomed this technology with open arms. “Being that one of our company values is safety, TND seemed the perfect solution as nothing is more important than protecting our team members and our guests,” Michael Palma, Executive Vice President of Jesta Hotels & Resorts, the owners of Clevelander states. “This technology ensures our valued and hardworking Housekeeping team feels safe while also meeting the future State and City legislated mandates for panic button technologies,” continued Palma. Being prepared for the unknown and the just-in-case scenarios gives piece of mind to everyone. Einar Rosenberg, CIO of Creating Revolutions, states, “We are inspired by forward thinking hotels, such as the Clevelander, who are taking a proactive approach towards safety and security of their employees and guests.”

The Clevelander Hotel is one of the first of many hotels around the world successfully implementing the TND platform this year. The reason is very simple. They all recognize that their staff and guests want to know that just in case something goes wrong, the hotel has the right tools to respond to these modern day emergencies and ensure safety for all.

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