Custom DNA Art Installation


When a Texas based entrepreneur and art aficionado contacted DNA Art US about providing DNA art for all his family we were, naturally, very interested. Ideas were discussed and over time these ideas developed into a unique series of artworks that would be the centerpiece of his art collection.

Each of the four pieces is a whopping 99 inches long and 16 inches wide. The incredible color reproduction of the Orange Aid color scheme ideally compliments the natural stone and the surrounding decor.

The floor to ceiling windows created a lot of glare on our regular acrylic product; the solution was museum quality non glare acrylic. This exotic material reduces reflections to less than 15% while maintaining over 98% light transmission. All that plus it is only half the weight of glass. In common with all our range of acrylic and metal DNA art products the wall mountings are hidden giving the impression of the artworks floating in space.

President of DNA Art US LLC, Ric Harrison, says, “We enjoyed the challenge of producing totally unique custom DNA artworks for our customer. Since beginning that project we have had other requests for custom pieces and we see this as a growing market for people who want to express their personalities in different, eye-catching ways”

Ordering and information about the process is available on the website, The standard range of artworks can depict the DNA of one, two, or four people but any number can be included in a wide range of custom styles and sizes.

DNA Art US offers the DNA Vision ® and DNA Vision ® Zoom ranges in collaboration with DNA Art UK. This partnership provides the best of British design coupled with innovative American production processes. DNA Art US are the only company providing the highest quality materials, processes and genuine craftsmen to produce handmade printed artworks on acrylic, canvas and metal worthy of the name masterpiece.

Obtaining the DNA sample is very easy. Customers receive a DNA Collection kit through the mail and, using the enclosed sterile swab; simply rub the inside of the cheek with it. Cells from the inner cheek membrane are absorbed within the cotton. Place the swab back in the protective case and return it to DNA Art US and they take care of the rest.

It starts in the laboratory where the DNA is processed over a number of days to draw out and highlight each unique DNA pattern. At the optimum moment, the DNA pattern is photographed using a special camera. The image is then provided to one of the designers.

Each DNA sample is assigned a unique reference and that is used to track the sample all the way through the laboratory, design and production processes guaranteeing authenticity of the artwork. No need to be concerned about privacy either because all samples are destroyed after the photograph is taken. A certificate of authenticity is provided with the DNA masterpiece.

There are 25 standard designs to choose from and two display options, Original and Zoom. That’s 50 different ways to display your unique DNA. In addition to that, every customer has the opportunity to add their own signature, to the finished image – after all, every great artist signs their work!

This innovative company provides the artwork on acrylic, canvas and metal. All types have discreet wall mounting hardware. This makes the acrylic and metal products look like they are floating and the canvas product has a deep gallery wrap.

The production process was developed in Dallas and is unique in this type of art. The processes are a closely guarded secret and no one uses these innovative processes that totally enhance the light transmission to produce what are, without doubt, sublimely beautiful and totally unique masterpieces.

There is no doubt; the images are certainly very striking, from the bold colors of the Mars Attack Rainbow Mix to the fashionable minimalism of White Orchid and Black Pearl. They are ideal to display in homes and in professional environments everywhere.

For more information, and to order, visit the DNA Art US website,

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