Daniella Levine Cava is the Climate Champion Miami-Dade Needs

Philip Levine Former Mayor of Miami Beach

With the most consequential election of our lifetimes merely four weeks away, I believe it is critically important for all Miami-Dade County residents to fully understand the importance of their vote. In addition to playing a critical role in deciding the outcome of the Presidential election, Miami-Dade County voters will also be electing a new Mayor on November 3rd, and the consequences of that decision could not be any greater.

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of leading with science and data in order to ensure the health of our community and economy. Whether or not we elect a Mayor who will take that same approach to combat sea-level rise and climate change will permanently alter the trajectory of our future.

Serving as Miami Beach’s Mayor gave me a unique opportunity to better understand the importance of collaboration between our municipalities and the County Mayor’s office. Oftentimes, our cities have had to respond to sea-level rise without a partner at either the state or county level. While I remain proud of our continued efforts to mitigate this existential threat, I know that we can not continue to do it on our own. Informed by that perspective, I am confident that Daniella Levine Cava is the only choice for our community, and I am proud to support her historic candidacy.

Daniella has been a critical partner on the County Commission since 2015 and has fought for greater investment towards initiatives to combat sea-level rise. Daniella understands that the health of our environment is inextricably linked to the health of our economy, and her record demonstrates that she is the only candidate who will mobilize a sweeping response to this challenge.

Climate change is the single biggest threat to Miami-Dade County’s future, and we cannot afford to kick the can down the road on this issue any longer. In addition to the adverse economic impacts of continued negligence, we will soon face the very real possibility of retreat if swift action is not soon taken.

In the face of such pressing issues, I know that we can trust Daniella Levine Cava to be a steward of responsible and transparent governance. We can trust her not only to protect our environment, but also to restore the public’s faith that their local officials are on their side once again.

At a moment when our community is beset by numerous crises, we must elect a Mayor who is capable of leading, listening, and uniting. The last few years have made clear the importance of character in our leaders. In a time so rife with divisive rhetoric and political posturing, we can count on Daniella Levine Cava to unite all of us behind a common vision for the future of our community. Daniella’s life work has proven that she is an honest, earnest, and dedicated public servant. For that reason, she has earned her my vote.

Given the stakes of this election, I hope that she has earned yours as well.

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