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Has your business been looking for ways to motivate your employees, build teams and make a difference in our local environment? Are you a like-minded individual that supports ECOMB’s vision of a sustainable and resilient community? If your answer is yes, ECOMB has a solution for you: the Eco-Partnership Project: giving you the opportunity to be a role model and lead the way.

ECOMB (Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches) is taking care of business while taking care of the local ecology. ECOMB is expanding its Eco- Partnership program, providing an exceptional opportunity for businesses and organizations to demonstrate to their employees and patrons a true commitment to community sustainability. Establishing an Eco-Partnership with ECOMB promotes businesses, develops an association with a well-known environmental organization while protecting and preserving our environment for future generations, and creates high visibility on some of the world’s most popular beach destination.

ECOMB’s Eco-Partnership Project consists of two strategies: Eco-Volunteerism and/or Eco-Sponsorship. Businesses that choose Eco-Volunteering will engage in a hands-on team building experience, by participating in shoreline cleanups, labeling storm drains, or removing debris and invasive species while restoring sand dunes, essential to our habitat and vital in defense against storm surges. This strategy has demonstrated significant team building benefits for businesses and organizations. The fun, outdoor activities build team spirit while preserving and protecting our environment, generating pride in the greater community. ECOMB provides all necessary supplies for Eco-Volunteer events as well as an informational presentation on the location’s ecology by a professional naturalist.

Businesses that choose an Eco- Sponsorship project demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable community by sponsoring a variety of projects such as shoreline (beach/island/canal) cleanups, adoption of beach litter bins – the Eco Art Gallery by the Sea, aerial banners with litter prevention messages flown along our shoreline, ECOMB’s traveling educational eco-cabana and many other exciting projects.

ECOMB’s Eco-Sponsorship projects also builds team spirit as businesses and organizations benefit from marketing/exposure – email campaigns, press releases, social media postings and logo on ECOMB’s website – with a focus on laying the foundation as a role model in support of becoming a sustainable community to the many residents and tourists of Miami & Miami Beach. These sponsorships support many of ECOMB’s litter prevention and outreach programs.

As a whole, ECOMB’s Eco-Partnership programs are designed to facilitate business, ecological success and sustainability, and have already proven to be good for local businesses and our local environment. Some of our recent Eco-Partners include: Wells Fargo Bank, Ernst & Young, Morgans Hotel Group, Estee Lauder, Wyndham Hotels, American Association of Financial Professionals, Aveda, Essence Corporation, Barefoot Wines, American Rivers, Fordham University Alumni Group, Shake Shack, etc.

With greater participation, businesses and organizations will have even more opportunities to create positive impact on their own teams, in the community and on the environment. With over 14 million tourists last year and over 2.6 million residents in Miami- Dade, the beach supports many businesses and organizations. We, at ECOMB, believe that, as local businesses contribute to the local economy through their own successes, this success is also directly dependent on clean and healthy beaches, waterways and Biscayne Bay.

ECOMB Eco-Partnership Projects seek to have your business or organization support our beaches, community and the greater environment.

ECOMB is an environmental education nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable living practices, fostering environmental stewardship and preserving our community’s ecology. For more information, visit the ECOMB website: or contact Luiz Rodrigues, Executive Director at 305-534- 3825 or

Teaming up with ECOMB makes a world of a difference… …and a difference in the world!

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