ECOMB: One-Stop Shop Recycling Drop-Off Station For Electronic Waste, Batteries, Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and all other recyclables.

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The Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches, ECOMB, in partnership with SIR International (, makes it easy for Miami Beach residents to recycle electronic waste, batteries and compact fluorescent light bulbs at its Miami Beach Center for the Environment.

The Center also accepts all other types of Single Stream Recyclables – glass, plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, magazines, junk mail, phone books, etc – for those businesses and residents that do not have a recycling program in place. This has been made possible thanks to an agreement established between the City of Miami Beach and our local waste haulers: Waste Management and WSI.

With ECOMB in the “hood”, it’s now easy to be part of the green movement. All you have to do is call ECOMB’s office or stop by to visit us.


Because the average American throws out seven and a half pounds of trash each day! And it all ends up at the landfills, where it just sits, compacted, buried, taking up space … forever.

Recycling is important because it helps keep our resources plentiful, not only for us but for our future generations: our children, grandchildren, and so on …


Miami Beach Center for the Environment

210 Second Street and Collins Court (alley between Washington & Collins Ave.) Miami Beach, Fl 33139


GENERAL RECYCLABLES = SINGLE STREAM (glass, plastic, metal, paper, etc): 24 HOURS A DAY

ELECTRONICS, BATTERIES, CFLs: from 10 am to 5 pm. Must call first to make drop-off arrangements.

About ECOMB: ECOMB, a 501 (c) (3) founded in 1994, is dedicated to the promotion of environmental sustainability and the preservation of our community’s ecology.

Phone: 305-534-3825 or

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  1. To whom it may concern,

    I have 3 separate boxes of items which I believe are recyclable and I would prefer not to have end up in the local landfill dump if possible. One of the three boxes that I wish to drop off consists of: scrap metal, phones, TV attenaes, mini TV satellite dish, cables, romote controls for TVs, night light, VHR video cassettes, tape casettes & DVDs, and a fire extinguisher. The second box contains a tape recorder, answering machine, coffee maker, hot plate, iron, fluorescent bulb, scale, lantern and fan. The third box contains more tape cassettes and both new and used (mostly used) printer cartridges for a laser jet printer. Was wondering if I could drop these three boxes off at your office over on Miami Beach. I heard that ECOMB is a one-stop drop off station for recyclables. Also, do you have another phone # that I can call besides the (305) 534-3825 phone # that is listed for your center because I have called it numerous times over the past few days only to repeatedly get a recording saying that the magic jack customer I have called is unavailable to receive my call. I would like to check on your address and how to get to your office if it will be okay for me to drop off my recyclables at your office. I read in a newspaper article that your center is located at 210 Second Street and Collins Court (alley between Washington & Collins Ave.) I’m a little confused by this address. Would like to make sure that I know how to get to your office before driving out to you office from my home in East Kendall. You may contact me at my home phone (305) 279-2250. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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