Free Delivery Services for South Beach Restaurants


When your customers in Miami Beach call you to place a delivery order, you can contact Freebee to make the delivery for you at no charge to you and no charge to them.  Your customer must pay you directly, our drivers cannot accept payment on your behalf.  If you need an online ordering solution, let us know.


To contact us, you have three options:

1) You can either use the Freebee app to “Request a Ride” to where the delivery is going to and one of our drivers will come pick up the food and deliver it for you.

2) Your other option is to call us at (786)598-9870.  Please contact us 15 minutes prior to the delivery order being ready.

3) Email us at

–  Do you have the Freebee app downloaded?  If not, please download it.  Let me know what email address associated with your account so I can notate that you are now a Restaurant Delivery VIP so if you use the Freebee app to request our delivery service, we will know it’s you.

*This pilot program is available from 11am until 8pm, Monday through Saturday.  We ask that the last call time is at 7:30pm.   Not available Sunday.

**Our electric vehicles are professionally disinfected and drivers will be wearing masks, gloves, carrying disinfectant, following safety procedures, etc.

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