Hospitality Association Fame Offers Walking Tours for Reduced Rates


The Florida Association of Meetings & Events otherwise known as FAME is a “not for profit” hospitality association based in Miami and founded in 2000 by Judy Rosenthal as well as the current Board Chair. Included in the membership are many highly qualified tour guides who can help you explore  local neighborhoods:  Miami is a very unique Multicultural City, with more neighborhoods than most cities.


At this time, FAME is offering “reduced rates” on “90 minute walking tours.” Due to the pandemic, neighborhood explorations are limited to small groups, of no more than 10 people.  Everyone must wear a mask and all safety protocols will be followed. Tour guide will explain the historical background of the neighborhood guests chose and show them all the highlights.


Interested parties that are looking to get to know the City with a local tour guide can send an email at  They will send you a tour guide database with the tour guides listed: their name, their contact information, what languages they speak and what neighborhoods they do tours in. Guests can contact any tour guide of your choice and make your own specific arrangements. All fees will be paid directly to the tour guides.

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