J.C. Watts: From Orange Bowl Legend to Congress

J.C. Watts has always been a leader both on and off the football field. As a wishbone quarterback, Watts was more known for his running ability than his throwing arm. However, he rallied the Sooners from behind with clutch passing, including a touchdown pass to Steve Rhodes and a game winning 2-point conversion pass to tight end Forrest Valora in the closing minutes to beat Florida State 18-17 in the 1981 Orange Bowl. Watts was named Orange Bowl MVP for the second consecutive year. Former Nebraska quarterbacks Jerry Tagge and Tommie Frazier are the only other players to win the MVP award twice.
Following a fine college career, Watts went on to play professionally in the Canadian Football League. But he is most remembered for his political career. Watts served in the House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003.  To read more articles about the history of the Orange Bowl, visit us at https://www.facebook.com/ghostsoftheorangebowl

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