Keep Ocean Drive Open!


Keep Ocean Drive open! Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber is going against Miami Beach residents will’ and cutting back Ocean Drive’s operating hours during the busiest time of the year!

Do what’s right for Miami Beach and stop dancing around the issue, Dancing Dan.

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  1. We want to keep Miami beach business and beaches open , this is great deal of revenew for the city, just in one hour , means a lot of money that s city can use.
    Besides ,come on, this is Miami people come here to party and have a good time.
    Dan Gelber let’s put the police department to do their job and take care of people on the beach and on the streets, after all we pay lots of taxes.
    Thank you.

  2. Police should post signs all over the party area to warn harebrains pickled in alcohol not to take strange women home when they leave these establishments. I am so tired of, and disgusted with the news stories of men who are drugged and robbed by these thieves. Forest Gump’s mother said, “stupid is, as stupid does “.

  3. The reasons why people moved, open business, renovated, and beautified the city and Miami Beach, it’s because of it attractions. More business keep on closing their because of the locked of attractions and lesser hours to enjoy the city. The monthly rent is still the same or even higher but lesser . time to provided services. Because of that poor choice of decisions, people don’t even want to come to Miami Beach anymore. Mostly ever city tried to incorporate a sort of attractions/ entertainment, not reducing the time. It’s unfair to the business owners who’s paying high mortgage, rent and taxes for short hours of operation . Miami Beach business owners are struggling to pay their bills. The business are not even making a quarter of what they used to make 15 to years ago. It’s declining. What’s going to happen, people of Miami Beach will go where else to spend their money that could have stayed in Miami Beach as well tourist will end up going other places .


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