Mayor Dan dances for Miami Beach developers


Mayor Dan Gelber dances for Miami Beach developers!

The upcoming project will destroy South Beach as we know it!

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  1. Why is every one of Grant Miller’s “reports” just him screaming into a camera like a maniac? News flash dumbass: the tall tower was allowed in exchange for a 3 acre park and pedestrian connection over 5th street on the developer’s dime (not us taxpayers), which is a big community benefit and was only reached after a lot of input from the neighbors. The floor area remains the exact same as the previous approvals for the site (because it’s fixed per the city charter) and the density is set by the comprehensive plan and doesn’t change.

    As for blocking views, no one owns the view and expecting that yours will never change in a growing city is selfish nonsense.

    Just admit Grant that all your reports are just you ginning up nonexistent controversy to promote your garbage newspaper. Your reporting is so superficial and biased that it makes the New Times look like the New York Times. Go pick up the Biscayne Times if you want to emulate a respectable community newspaper.


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