Meet Chippendales Performer Bryan Cheatham

Q: How did you become involved with the show?

A: The same week I moved to Vegas – the Chippendales were holding auditions for their show at the Rio Hotel. I walked in with a headshot and a demo reel and was hired quickly. A lot has changed in the audition process since then. Now there are huge auditions and it’s a different process. As the Assistant Director of the show, currently, I teach, dance and sing. I enjoy mentoring the new dancers. It’s all about teaching them to be performers and not strippers.

Q: Wow, you’re lucky. How will the show in Miami be different than the one in Vegas?

A: We try to localize the performance to the city and this show will definitely be current, urban and edgy – like Miami.We have adapted the music to the Miami audience.

Q: What does it take to be a Chippendale?

A: It takes more than a good body and look to be a Chippendale. You need have charisma, personality, attitude and be able dance. You’d be surprised how many guys with a defined body – can’t dance [laughs].

Q: You have been involved with the brand for 10 years, how has it changed or adapted with the times?

A: I have been involved with Chippendales for a while and I can see the show has adapted with the times and become more modern with references to pop culture. You need to stay current in this business. The guys are all so different now where before they were more ‘cookie cutter,’ I’d say…

Q: What does your family think about you doing the show?

A: It varies from guy to guy. Some families love it and some don’t. For example, one of the performer’s mom flew to a show in Berlin just to see him while he was touring in Europe. She was cheering him on from the audience and it was awesome. My family supports me but they would rather I had an office job!

Q: What’s your most memorable moment on stage?

A: One time I couldn’t remember the words to a song I was singing and asked the audience for help. They sang and along helped me out! Also, when I first started, I sometimes would forget to wear underwear and those were memorable moments.

Q: What is your ideal audience?

A: Everyone! All women need a night to let down their hair, have a good time, and lose their inhibitions. Young, Old, Married, Single, we love them all!

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch this oneof- a-kind show at Mansion from January 9 – 25. To purchase tickets to see CHIPPENDALES, visit

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