Miami Beach Hosts Visit by Mayor Elect from Isla Mujeres

By Ana Cecilia Velasco….

Jerry Libbin, President & CEO of the Miami Beach Chamber; Mayor-elect Hugo Sánchez Motalvo of the District of Isla Mujeres, and Jason Loeb, Chairman.

Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women is one of the nine municipalities of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and has much in common with Miami Beach of old. Located just eight miles across the Bahia de Mujeres (Bay of Women) from Cancun, it is comparable to the relationship that Miami Beach has with the ‘mainland’ which is a short four miles from South Beach to Downtown Miami. Isla Mujeres is only 5 miles long and half a mile wide at its widest point. The town has a population of only 11,147. Historically, Isla Mujeres is a fishing village; compare that to Miami Beach which has an agricultural origin some 90 years ago.

Miami Beach has since grown into a successful tourist destination and an international gateway to commerce. If the Mayor-elect Hugo Sánchez Motalvo of the District of Isla Mujeres is successful in his plans, the portion just north of Cancun will be developed as Ciudad Mujeres, a new city establishment which falls under his jurisdiction. The long strip of the island just north, called Isla Blanca, a key which resembles Key West, is also included as part of the Master Plan development.

These plans for transformation brought the Mayor-elect Hugo Sánchez Motalvo to confer with Jason Loeb, the Chairman of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, Jerry Libbin the President and CEO of the Chamber who is also a City Commissioner, representatives from Kobi Karp, a Chamber Board member and world renowned architect, Ana Cecilia Velasco, the Chamber’s Chief Operating Officer and Tourism and Hospitality Chairman, Jason Beukema on business initiatives, infrastructure, tourism and the possibility of exchange missions for businesses on Miami Beach and Isla Mujeres. The leadership suggested that Eco-tourism also be included in the planning as there are portions of the area that have been preserved. The Mayor-elect was accompanied by his political advisor, the Police Chief as well as several business development associates.

The success of the mission to Beijing and Shanghai in 2006-2007 by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce resulted in the launch of a global business access network. The goal is to enhance our international relations through business, education and cultural exchange. The recent meeting with the Mayor-elect of Isla Mujeres is an additional component the Chamber’s global presence.

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