Miami Beach Mayor ‘Dancing Dan’ Gelber goes against voters


Grant Miller exposes Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber for trying to pull a fast one on Miami Beach’s residents during one of the most profitable times of the year!

Do what’s right for Miami Beach!

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  1. miami beach like all citys in the usa is courrupt with lying stealing brutal bad cops and polititions who only care about making mioney.

  2. I echo the problem…
    I’m all for a good rant, but please state the topic. “…rolling back the times…” is as close to a topic as it got. Now I have to guess.
    Is it..
    – make a Miami Beach mandatory dress code of the 1950’s?
    – eliminate daylight savings time?
    – everyone must drive in reverse down Ocean Dr.?
    – the closing hour for bars?
    Guessing is bad.


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