Miami Beach Passes Ban on Herbicides with Glyphosate

Miami's Community Newspapers

 For Landscaping & Maintenance on all City-Owned Properties —

Today, the Miami Beach City Commission passed a resolution directing the city manager to ban the use of herbicides containing glyphosate by all city employees and contractors in the performance of landscaping and maintenance work on all city-owned properties.

“Glyphosate is a known carcinogen, and I’m pleased my colleagues unanimously agreed that we must eliminate its usage to protect our community,” said Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola. “As a father, especially, it is extremely important to know that when children are playing on our playgrounds or at our facilities, they are not harmed by this type of chemical”.

In recent months, Monsanto, which manufacturers glyphosate-based weed killers such as Round-up and Ranger Pro, was acquired by Bayer who inherited approximately 8,000 lawsuits in both state and federal courts alleging cancer risks associated with the use of these products. In one recent case, a jury verdict of $289 million (approximately $250 million in punitive damages and $39 million in compensatory damages) was awarded to the plaintiff, a former school groundskeeper dying of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma who used Roundup at work. The plaintiff proved to a jury that exposure to Roundup was a substantial contributing factor to his cancer and that Monsanto failed to warn consumers of the product’s cancer risk.

Additionally, in a March 2015 report, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded that glyphosate, the key ingredient in Roundup, is “probably carcinogenic in humans.”

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  1. There’s an old saying: you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts. And the fact of the matter is that there is *zero* credible scientific evidence that glyphosate causes cancer in human beings. In just one of thousands of studies that have been conducted on glyphosate, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute investigated cancer incidence among nearly 45,000 licensed pesticide applicators exposed to glyphosate. They found *no* evidence linking it with non-Hodgkin lymphoma or other cancers. What you’re reading here is nothing short of chemophobia – politicians without a smidgen of scientific background on pesticide toxicology banning a perfectly safe, EPA approved pesticides. Think about this for a second: if there were *any* link whatsoever between glyphosate and cancer, the San Francisco lawsuit would have been filed in Des Moines by corn growers. If Americans continue down this nonsensical path, prepare to go pay much more to go hungry. Glyphosate is that important to agriculture.

    • I want my address published ——-I have proof that Monsanto claim about Glyphosate not being that guilty chemical is only true statement Monsanto has made ! But , I have only proof that Monsanto is still guilty by cause and effect of Roundup and what happened to all blood of all now 8700 plaintiff’s. It is a comedy of legal errors on part of 57 law firms now representing 8700 plaintiff’s . most of those lawyers just sitting around . My case , 3:18-CV-03363 , has been on Chhabria’s desk since June 6 , 2018 , involves serious due process violations by courts . Internet automatically puts my e-mail in to Internet because Internet has known me for more years than 4 !

  2. Finally, positive changes for Miami Beach. I hope that councilpeople of Miami Beach will research other no less deadly pesticides being currently used in their area.

  3. Way to go! Now let’s get the whole state of FL to ban this toxin! Dewayne Lee Johnson won his case because Monsanto hid evidence, hired ghostwriters and acted in malice by not warning consumers that Roundup/glyphosate was harmful. Over 8,000 plaintiffs waiting for their turn in court! This poison has no place in our parks and definitely not in our food system.

  4. Someone else is figuring it out for you. In other words, you don’t need to be poisoned to discover that this product is toxic. But what about our children? Should they be allowed to figure it out (even when it’s too late?). Sound like a Marlboro situation…hmm. This new rule is about protecting children. I want to thank the Miami Beach Board of Commissioners and hope that the rest of the county will follow.

  5. Bob Mann,
    It must be hell being so intelligent, You are smarter than Judges, juries and the WHO.
    My my my,how do you do it?

    • I’m smart enough to know that science is not determined by the legal system or by NGO’s. I’m also smart enough not to engage in ad hominem attacks on those with whom I disagree. Follow the evidence, Rudy. Glyphosate has been so thoroughly studied that there literally isn’t anything left to look at and the facts are quite clear – it is not carcinogenic and pretty darned harmless otherwise. You’ve probably handled a dozen different things today already that are more toxic than glyphosate without even realizing it. Have a nice day, sir!

    • —————Bob Mann , you got a few comments in here . There is no evidence either way except if you will accept Seralini , and his agreeable other scientists that Poly TA is 1600 times more toxic than Glyphosate , and other fact that Monsanto removed Poly TA from Roundup , not Glyphosate , but , is still concealing actual date of that removal from all of us .We still have a worldwide debate going on . Which one is that idiot that Robert revealed ? Are judges ,juries , and WHO truly fit ?

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