Miami Beach Voters to Consider Creating an Office of the Inspector General

Miami's Community Newspapers

— November 6, 2018 Election —

This week, the Mayor & City Commission approved presenting a ballot question to city voters in November to decide whether the City Charter should be amended to create an Office of the Inspector General.

“Our government will be more efficient and accountable by having an independent watchdog in City Hall,” expressed Mayor Dan Gelber. “There is no question this new Office will improve city services and give residents greater confidence in the operations of their public servants.”

The additional City function would be an independent and empowered role whose purpose will be to investigate, audit, review and oversee municipal matters including City contracts, programs, projects and expenditures in order to identify efficiencies as well as detect, investigate and prevent fraud, waste, mismanagement, misconduct and abuse of power.

“This ballot question, if passed, brings the unique opportunity for the City to re-evaluate and reflect on how we’re doing as we push forward,” added Commissioner Mark Samuelian. “I think the addition will help us to continue to raise the bar at City Hall by reminding us that there’s always room to do better.”

If passed by a majority of residents, the measure would additionally allow the independent body to subpoena witnesses, administer oaths and require production of records.

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  1. Where are all the pros and cons for each referendum? NOR promotes their site as something citizens coukdnuse to understand all sides of each item on this year’s ballot and while these articles explain what the referendums are there is no additional information to say what if anything could be the results of these items passing or not passing.


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