Miami Beach’s Own Releasing Award Winning Animation Film Seaper Powers: The Movie


Local filmmaker Kim Cameron is releasing her first full feature animation film “Seaper Powers: The Movie – In Search of Bleu Jays Treasure” in Miami Beach during the upcoming holiday season.  Originally scheduled to be released this past spring, the film is set for the big screen this winter.  “Covid lockdowns pushed us back about 9 months, but we are excited that our premiere is coming, finally!” said Kim Cameron, Film Director, and Producer.


This colorful 95-minute animated film takes all ages on an under-the-water sea adventure where humans and animals find unique connections and learn valuable life lessons. The movie begins in the dark days of winter in Vermont but moves quickly to the sunny skies and blue waters of the Caribbean. A little girl, full of adventure, and hungry to meet new friends, discovers she has special powers in the ocean after swimming near magic seagrass. It is those powers that enable her to talk to fish. She meets an octopus and a starfish and decides to search for buried treasure.


The movie is based on the first book In Search of Bleu Jay’s Treasure but is just the first of sequels to come. “My goal is to produce a movie for each book, so I guess I have about four more to do,” explains Ms. Cameron. The movie introduces several new characters as well as adding new twists to the original story and diving deeper into each of the main characters.


The film’s trailer, soundtrack, and screenplay (written by Kim Cameron) have already received numerous awards. The soundtrack was released this past April and currently was awarded the best soundtrack in eight film festivals and the music videos were featured on YouTube Kids. Ms. Cameron teamed up with an all-star songwriting and production staff including Kris “Halo” Pierce from New York City, John DePatie from Hollywood, California, Suzanne Grzanna from Madison, Wisconsin, along with several local Miami favorites: Chad Bernstein and Leo “DaVincci,” to create a soundtrack with beach beats, calypso sounds, and reggae rhythms.  In addition to film awards, the soundtrack is currently featured over 20 international radio programs.



This project began over two years ago with Cameron’s hand-drawn storyboards.  The movie’s tag line ‘Our connection to animals could be our Greatest Adventure,” is the center point of the movie and her books.  “If we take care of the animals, we will take care of our oceans, and our planet,” says Cameron.


As a songwriter and a mentor for a local Miami non-profit mentoring program, Guitars Over Guns, ensuring the movie had the right messages about our animals and the environment was critical to Cameron.


“We live in the most beautiful place on earth.  It’s so important that we keep it beautiful. And, if we work together, both kids and adults, I believe we can make a huge impact by just doing the small things,” says Cameron.


You can catch previews of the movie on  To keep up with the upcoming movie, follow @seaperpowers on Instagram or @seaperpowersthemovie on Facebook.  Local dates will be announced as the reopening of Miami Beach is finalized.







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