Where Miami Meets Russia

Where Miami Meets Russia

Kandinsky Restaurant and Lounge is the one and only authentic Russian restaurant in Miami. The new hot spot is located in the heart of Miami Beach, on Collins Avenue and 18th Street next to iconic hotels such, as SLS, W, and Delano. While at Kandinsky you get the chance to fully dive into the Russian culture, history, traditions and, of course, the fantastic cuisine, while staying right in South Beach. Located in a four-story building with glass floor to ceiling windows, and an atrium, Kandinsky’s multi-level layout provide a variety of atmospheres. The Second floor is a dining area and a restaurant; the third and fourth floors are ultra-lounge and bar with a full dinner service, as well. The fourth floor also functions as a VIP area for exclusive private guests. The balcony on the dining level is an outdoor cigar area that looks out onto Collins Avenue.

The layout of the venue allows you to host all types of events at Kandinsky. The only limit is your imagination. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, or attending a corporate or private event, hosting a presentation, a wedding or engagement celebration, baby shower, bar mitzvah, bachelorette party or art show. Kandinsky has you covered. Kandinsky is not just a restaurant of Russian cuisine, but functions as a Russian cultural center, where the history of Russia is presented through events, lectures and plays (by world-famous Russian authors) all hosted at the restaurant. Kandinsky is also home to various art exhibitions of Russian and local artists, making this venue a solid player in the cultural life of Miami.

Their food is authentic Russian cuisine, and the history of every national dish served at the restaurant is explained on their instagram page (@kandinskymiami). At Kandinsky the chef freshly prepares all the dishes. You can enjoy delicious and world famous dishes there, like Vinaigrette (beet), “Herring under the fur coat”, crab (brought from Kamchatka region in Russia, peninsula in the Russian Far East, between the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Okhotsk), vegetable and Olivier salads, salo plate, borsch (which can be both, hot and cold for the hot Miami days), okroshka, beef stroganoff, blini with duck, meat, mushroom and of course, caviar; sweet pirogi (with blueberries, apple and peach, or lemon and pineapple toppings), syrniki (fried quark pancakes, garnished with sour cream sauce and fresh berries) and coulibiac (the pie baked in a pastry shell, usually of brioche or puff pastry with mozzarella and cottage cheese; salmon, spinach soft cheese sauce and herbs).

As for drinks, Kandinsky serves delicious non-alcoholic mors (with either cranberry, cowberry, sea berry or viburnum), which is made in house; and refreshing Russian kvas, perfect for the current Miami heat. As for the alcoholic drinks, Kandinsky serves all types beers and vodkas from all around the world and has a Vodka lab for its preparation. Kandinsky’s specialty is the in-house infused vodkas, which come in ten different flavors, which are: raspberry; cranberry; peach; pineapple; mango; horseradish; sea berry; cucumber, dill and dill seeds; honey and oats; and strawberry. On the third and fourth floors, we offer a great variety of authentic alcoholic cocktails served in the party atmosphere of the Miami ultra-lounge.

Kandinsky also specializes in crunchy pickles and honey – we are the only restaurant to serve this dish in the U.S. It’s a very old Slavic tradition, which originated from the village “Dudutki” in Belorussia around 19th century. According to some legends, it came from Poland and Lithuana. The combination of the salty/sour pickles and honey is an unbelievably delicious treat that you can’t miss!

At Kandinsky you never know what kind of entertainment you will experience. It can be a pop-art brunch on Sunday, or live music on Tuesday, or a pianist playing all night long on a grand piano, or an art show exhibition during dinner. But you definitely will experience something special when you come to this new cultural epicenter event venue, which brings the soul of Russia, for all backgrounds and cultures to enjoy.

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