Miami Production Company Founder Helps Business Owners Create Unique Online Video Content for Themselves

Omer BarSadeh, Vision Movies


By Bryan Van Gorder

Omer BarSadeh is what you would call a go-getter. He moved to Miami in 2014, and in the few short years since has created Vision Movies – a successful Miami video production company. The company has worked with the likes of Amazon, Revlon, Absolut, Porsche and other enterprises, creating online content and commercial promotional spots.

But even while juggling large-budget projects, Omer’s mission has always been to work and help small- and medium-size businesses grow their companies with the power of video content. Vision Movies brings its clients’ websites and social media campaigns to life through powerful brand messages. These engaging campaigns are getting the attention of the business’ target customers, increase engagement, which translates to increase in sales.

Omer has become an active member of the local Miami Beach, Miami, and South Florida community too. He sat on the boards of non-profit organizations like the Prestige Club, and in 2020-2021, he will co-chair the Miami Beach Chamber’s Tech Council.

And his work has taken on an even greater significance this year during the pandemic. Why? “Now more than ever, in the era of tremendous video consumption, businesses must have video to remain competitive,” says Omer. According to a Forbes (May 2020) article, it is estimated that the average person currently watches 100 minutes of video content each day and that 82% of all online content will be video by 2022.

“While some content—like a branding video or commercial, for instance—should be created professionally, many other types of content can be created by the business owners themselves and still engage customers, and get them to take action.”

This year, Omer launched a YouTube channel full of educational videos that guide small businesses through the process of creating eye-catching videos by themselves using only what they have on hand. Subscribers to the channel (free) can learn everything from writing a script with impact to the ins and outs of filming on a cell phone to editing with free smart phone apps, and much more.

“I’m really pleased with how much interest the channel has received,” remarks Omer. “Because of this, we’ve collaborated with the Miami Beach Chamber and created an ongoing monthly workshop series that offers tips and tricks to business owners ready to utilize videos and take their marketing to a new level.

In the past few years Omer has made it his mission to help the greater Miami area and South Florida businesses thrive again, working closely with entrepreneurs and crafting campaigns that grow their businesses and revenue.

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