Multi-Million Dollar Renovation Project Positions Miami Beach Convention Center as World Class Venue

Broadband data connections on an entirely scalable network are now possible at the Miami Beach Convention Center thanks to Smart City Networks in conjunction with Hotwire Communications. This downtown destination for conferences, expos, and large-scale events has upgraded their existing network infrastructure and technology to provide a secure, fully redundant fiber optic system capable of data speeds greater than 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) from multiple diverse paths.


Scalable up to 100 Gbps, the recently completed network will allow guests and exhibitors of the Miami Beach Convention Center to experience and share data-driven exhibits and booths. The benefits of a robust Internet service means the high volume of users during major events and conferences will not inhibit a single user’s experience. And with multiple self-healing fiber rings and established wireless links using Airfiber, the likelihood of a service outage decreases drastically letting visitors browse confidently and giving exhibitors limitless possibilities to present their products or ideas.


High bandwidth, redundancy, and efficiency were all at the forefront of the network design. Uplinks are capable of up to 20 gigabits at each edge switch, with a failover of 10 gigabits, ensuring stable and reliable connections regardless of user activity. Designed with redundant pathways into the facility, Hotwire Communications built-in Internet circuit redundancy, including secondary circuits, to ensure network reliability and consistent high volume data transmission.


“A world-class facility like the Miami Beach Convention Center requires a next-generation network, designed with the ever-evolving landscape of technology in mind,” said Kristin Karp, CEO of Hotwire Communications. “From the moment guests enter this upgraded facility, the prominence and capability of the network will be instantly apparent. Gigabit speeds to handle any number of users, bandwidth to keep their data flow constant, and redundancy to keep everyone online no matter what.”





The agreement will also serve as the beginning of an ongoing partnership with Smart City Networks, allowing the fiber optics telecom to work on new projects together, including the 35+ stadiums, convention centers and venues the company manages throughout Hotwire’s footprint.


“When we partnered with Smart City Networks on this project, we knew what we wanted to deliver: a powerful and comprehensive network layout,” said David Ramos, EVP of Fision Enterprise. “With this design, I think we not only achieved that goal but created a model for other convention centers to emulate.”

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