New APP, LOVETT, helps restaurants cut food waste by selling leftovers

Did you know that 30-40% of all food produced in the US is wasted? Even if everyone in need was fed, still there would be surplus that ends in landfills.  Restaurants are one of the primary sources of food waste.  Lovvett connects food businesses selling fresh “surplus” with local consumers.


Started by a local husband and wife team in Coral Gables, Lovvett was conceived by a passion to help heal the planet.


Lovvett enables South Floridians to order and enjoy great food at heavily discounted prices and restaurant partners are benefiting from getting an additional revenue stream for food items that might otherwise go to waste while contributing to more sustainable communities ensuring conscious consumption. The many mom and pop restaurants who participate cannot afford the hefty commissions charged from the Uber Eats and DoorDash type services.  Lovvett only takes 10% and includes free marketing.


Since Miami is a cultural melting pot, almost every ethnic cuisine is represented.  There is even a filter on the APP for any food allergies.


Examples of restaurants on the app:

C-Food Shack, Cilantro 27, Macology, DBakers, Miam Miami, Rodilla Wynwood, Okinawa Sushi, La Estancia de Argentina, Atelier Monnier, Candela Gastrobar, Mario’s Burger, Pizza Fiore, Spris Artisan etc….


Deals are usually 50% off.  They change daily but here is a current sampling.


Examples of deals on the app:

Sullivan Street Bakery

$5.99 (Retail $10.50)


Clutch Burger

305 Burger + Fries + Soda = $9.99 (Retail $ 20)

Vintage Burger + Fries + Soda = $9.99 (Retail $ 20)

Sliders + Fries + Soda = $9.99 (Retail $ 20)


Honey Bee Doughnuts

Box of 6 doughnuts + coffee 12oz. = $13.50 (Retail $ 30)

Box of 3 doughnuts + coffee 12oz. = $7.49 (Retail $ 15)


IT Trattoria

Margherita Pizza + Soda = $8.99 (Retail $ 14.95)

Bag of baked goods = $6.50 (Retail $ 11)

2 Tiramisus = $5.99 (Retail $ 12)

2 Lemon meringue pies = $6.95 (Retail $13.90)

Savory box with 2 bun sandwiches = $6.95 (Retail $13.90)



3 Classic Sandwiches = $4.99 (Retail $ 9.45)

2 Croissants + 1 Chocolate Croissant = $5.05 (Retail $ 10.20)

Baguette Sandwich = $6.99 (Retail $ 14)


Aromas del Peru

Family bundle: 1 Whole Chicken + Fries + Salad + Drink  = $19 (Retail $ 27)


What’s Next?

Lovvett will start to offer the regular menus from participating restaurants alongside their surplus deals.  They will start to offer delivery (currently its pick-up only) and they will expand services nationwide.


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