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Exhibition Explores Groundbreaking Scientific Research and Innovative Discoveries


 Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Downtown Miami’s Maurice A. Ferré Park is proud to announce Power of Science, a new permanent exhibition debuting Friday, July 3rd, developed in partnership with the University of Miami, a major private research university. Located in the museum’s Ocean Gallery on Level 1, this highly anticipated exhibition will explore how science pushes the boundaries of possibility as guests learn about groundbreaking research and discoveries by scientists, including those from the University of Miami.


“We are very excited for this new permanent addition to the exhibition experiences offered at Frost Science,” said Frank Steslow, Frost Science President & CEO. “Power of Science is the result of our continued partnership with the University of Miami, giving our museum visitors direct access to the rich scientific research programs, academic expertise and professional skills of the university.”


“Science provides a powerful perspective to understand and solve problems, and we are honored to    play a role in this new Power of Science exhibition at Frost Science,” said Julio Frenk, president of the University of Miami. “Visitors will learn more about the transformative research being done at the University, which we hope will cultivate an interest in science among the museum’s youngest visitors and inspire many of them to pursue their education in the STEM disciplines, ultimately forming the next generation of scientific innovators.”


The Power of Science exhibition invites guests to step into the shoes of researchers, explorers and inventors through a series of hands-on exhibits, cutting-edge interactives, rare specimens, an interactive floor, a deep dive into the periodic table of elements, a showcase of collection pieces and scientific instruments used across various scientific fields and more. Guests will explore the scientific process by asking questions, gaining insight and persevering through challenges as they reach a powerful new understanding about themselves and our world.


From unlocking the mysteries of the universe to those inside our bodies, science is a powerful tool to aid our understanding and help solve problems. Scientists, including those from the University of Miami, take risks that lead to groundbreaking discoveries, highlighted at four scientific frontiers in the exhibition: Our Oceans, Our Environment, Our Bodies and Our Universe:


  • Our Oceans: Earth’s oceans, covering roughly seventy percent of the planet’s surface, are still largely As new technology empowers scientists to explore deeper and closer than ever before, guests will learn more about our oceans’ health and how it is interconnected through global systems.


  • Our Environment: Understanding our planet’s interconnected ecosystems is an essential frontier of scientific exploration. Scientists’ expertise plays a critical role predicting and generating solutions to today’s environmental challenges, but the choices and actions of ordinary citizens will safeguard our planet’s future.


  • Our Bodies: Science is helping us understand the undiscovered inner workings of our bodies. Whether unlocking the secrets of our genetic makeup with model organisms to learn about




diseases in humans or personalizing medicine at a microscopic scale, scientific innovation continues to fuel our curiosity about ourselves.


  • Our Universe: Our universe is an endless source of mystery and wonder. Scientists are exploring the dynamic nature of outer space and its fundamental questions—about matter, gravity and the potential of life on other


For more information on Power of Science, please visit Entrance to the exhibition is included in regular admission.


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