Unique New Fitness Class Combines Box and Bike

CykleJab, a unique, new fitness concept combining “cykling” and boxing in one action-packed, 50-minute class launches in Miami Shores .  This is the first studio of its kind in South Florida.

This unique workout consists of 20 minutes focused on the king of upper body conditioning, boxing, with 20 minutes focused on the king of lower body conditioning, cycling, with 10 minutes of warm-up and cool down sessions including an ab workout.

At the beginning of class, the studio goes dark as red and blue lights pulsate to the music encouraging clients to disconnect from the outside world, immerse themselves in the workout and  shake off any gym anxieties.  In addition, each class is choreographed so no two classes are the same.

“Taught by top fitness trainers with state-of-the-art equipment, this ultimate 50-minute workout is Miami’s hottest bang-for-your-buck,” explains co-owner Matt Pack, who also owns Primal Fit personal training studio next door.  He started CykleJab with partners Todd Headley and Ralph Jacob, a boxing trainer who caters to professional athletes, to further compliment his clients’ strength training sessions.  “CykleJab is a fun workout that snaps you out of your routine and shocks your muscles to further transform your physique.”

A strength and cardio workout in one, CykleJab’s group fitness classes sculpt legs and arms while relieving stress, improving coordination and burning major calories.

Right hooks, uppercuts and jabs land on aqua punching bags which provide a sensation similar to hitting a human body. However, because these water-filled, teardrop shape bags absorb the repercussion of punches, it allows for more protection of joints, wrist and fingers therefore students can hit harder and train longer with less risk of injury.  CykleJab issues their own boxing gloves for class.

Replicating a real road bike that leans from side to side, Cyklejab’s indoor steering bikes allow for movement while in a stationary position therefore simulating an actual bike ride that actively engages core, balance and upper body. No special shoes needed.

In addition to the state-of-the-art equipment, trainers keep an eye on performance throughout class. Every participant wears a fitness tracker which is clearly displayed on one of four monitors in the room encouraging clients to measure their individual output, challenge themselves and push harder during their workout.

Classes are offered seven days a week and the studio features showers and lockers as well as free parking. A single class is $29 with packages starting at $99.  For a limited time, new students can enjoy an “intro 3” class package promotion for $39 on their first visit.

The studio is located at 9521 NE 2nd Avenue in Miami Shores, Florida. For more information, visit https://www.cyklejab.com

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