Q&A with DJ and Co-founder of SAFE, Diego Martinelli

Q&A with DJ and Co-founder of SAFE, Diego Martinelli
Q&A with DJ and Co-founder of SAFE, Diego Martinelli
Diego Martinelli

SAFE Miami has been providing some of the best musical nights at the Electric Pickle since 2007 under the leadership of its co-founder Diego Martinelli. Safe’s talent roster during WMC is tremendous with some of the biggest names in dance music DJing at its parties. For example, Last Resort on Sunday, March 30, will feature Maceo Plex, Solomun, Tale of Us, Maya Jane Coles, among a long list of others…

Q) I’d like to congratulate you on your successful lineup of parties this year, which ones are you the most excited about?
A) Thanks, man. I appreciate that. Out of the 13 shows we’re producing, I’d say don’t miss Last Resort at Ice Palace on Sunday March 30th, it’s loaded with immense talent. For those seeking something of a more intimate jam, the Turbo vs Spectral party happening at The Pickle on Friday March 28 is also going to be quite special.

Q) Very excited about these parties…You co-founded SAFE at such a young age. How do you keep the brand relevant and what motivates you?
A) What motivates us is great music, before and above all. More specifically, SAFE creates experiences and sequences that feature music that are created with pure intentions . Our goal, is not to keep SAFE relevant as a brand as much as it is to keep things interesting, stimulating and challenging for our supporters and ourselves. Sound and audio, as well their effects on our minds and our emotions, also interest me profoundly.

Q) Very profound…What advice can you give young entrepreneurs who plan on starting a business?
A) Identify what you love and can’t live without. Then go out and live to do it the justice you believe it deserves. Like my friend DJ Qu says: “live the music”.

Q&A with DJ and Co-founder of SAFE, Diego MartinelliQ) Words to live by! Talking about “the music,” I hear you are very “picky” when selecting talent you invite to play SAFE parties, what qualities do you look for when booking musicians?
A) (laughs) well yes, I would say that’s accurate. There is deep and precise thinking that goes into the work. We are often described as massive nerds, which is true, and some have even tagged us “snobby”. The truth is we do study music extensively and thoroughly critique the work of everyone we consider inviting to play. Stylistically, the artists that play for us encompass a considerably wide range, so as to the qualities we look for it goes back to the artists’ intention. We care for artists that are unafraid to challenge trends and minds. You know when a record is written from the heart, when it’s written with a clear intent to sell copies, and everything in between. The artists we bring out to play SAFE nights are individuals whom simply inspire us and feel about music the way we do, that’s the ultimate standard.

Q) You are also a DJ.. Describe your sound for readers that haven’t heard of you? 

A) Dark and driving pleasurable pain from 105 to 120 bpm.

Q) Love it and I would say that is accurate! With so many DJs in Miami, how do you make yourself stand out?
A) I don’t think much about standing out, but I do collect and listen to a LOT of music. When I discover a recording I love, I go crazy looking for it until I find it and own it. People know me mostly for the warm-up sets at Pickle, usually from 11pm -2 am. I do begin the nights with lower tempos and lots of nondance mood music. I love playing at the Pickle, it’s home and it’s ritualistic for me, it will never get old. Pound for pound, it’s one of the best rooms for dance music on the planet.

Q) I would agree with that statement… Who are your influences?
A) Personally, Carl Sagan and Bill Hicks. Musically, Depeche Mode’s Violator was the cassette tape that opened up the wormhole for me when I was a kid. Other major ones would be Aphex Twin, James Holden, Nigel Godrich.

Q) Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What are your career goals?
A) Living peacefully and comfortably in California mountains with my dogs. We are currently creating a new event project that I can’t reveal much about, but once that’s established, it will certainly be a major personal and professional goal accomplished.

Q) Wow, so cryptic and awesome… Where can readers listen to you?
A) At The Electric Pickle on the following dates: March 15 with South London Ordnance, April 19 with Blondes and May 16 with Daniel Avery.

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