Sobekick, a top-tier boxing studio located on South Beach offers members hardcore workouts in a modern environment, has announced the launch of LIVE and On-Demand classes for people with busy lifestyles.

Sobekick is known for a variety of specialized classes under the instruction of experienced professional fighters and certified trainers. Sobekick will now provide the best of their classes anywhere and anytime.

“We have everything from FastTrack Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing, to Bootcamp Boxing, Abs and Butt, Core and Yoga classes, all available on our digital platform,” said Johnny Rock, Founder and Owner of Sobekick. “Users can watch our classes in real-time, LIVE from our South Beach studio whenever it is convenient for them. We understand that on-the-go individuals cannot always make in-person, scheduled classes.”

A recent article by acclaimed fitness magazine, Self said, “Thanks to a neighborhood vibe and the no-contact mixed-level classes, this gym has a welcoming, communal feel. Workouts kick off with high-fiving, then it’s on to jump squats, push-ups and core work punctuated by punches, jabs and kicks,” making Sobekick one of the best places to punch in the U.S.

Sobekick’s classes are designed to accommodate members of all different skill and fitness levels. Their class curriculum can be easily customized to meet each participant’s personal health and fitness goals. Presently, Sobekick’s four facilities have a plethora of membership options depending the fitness requirements.

To help participants bring their training right into their home, Sobekick offers an “At-Home Training Gym” including Sobekick boxing gloves, hand wraps, jump ropes, two 3 pound weights, a Sobekick carry bag, and a Skyscraper-like 72” or 63” high floor punching bag for ease of portability and stability.

For those interested in the LIVE and On-Demand classes, simply subscribe on the website to receive “Unlimited Access.”

“By subscribing today participants will get the best kickboxing fitness training wherever and whenever they want. Use code SOBEVIP at checkout and receive 20% off as a VIP Founding Member,” said Johnny. “We also will be providing a wide range of HD video workouts, streamed to any Internet TV, desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Spread the word about our new LIVE streaming, and head on over to our website today to learn more about fitness programs.”


For more information, or to subscribe today, visit:

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