Soul Tavern

– The Miami gastropub makes its distinct brand of vegetarian chic available for weddings, parties & other occasions-

Soul Tavern, Miami’s first vegetarian gastropub and elixir bar, is available for the summer as an ultra-good-vibes location for your special occasions. While restaurant service is on hiatus for the summer as the team takes a mindful respite from the day-to-day, the space is available for parties, gatherings, and pop-up events. Located in the heart of Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbor, Soul Tavern offers a unique spot for gatherings with every design choice made to encourage healing Eastern energy and great conversation. Its soulful ambiance is guided by the brand’s commitment to bringing people together and bolstering community through an experience of goodness.

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“We’re very happy to have this opportunity to share what we’ve created at Soul Tavern with a whole new audience,” explains Soul Tavern owner, Jason Gordon. “Guests really enjoy the atmosphere and it is perfect for important occasions like weddings or anniversaries because it’s a place that inspires meaningful connection.”


As a special events location, the indoor/outdoor venue can accommodate up to 200 guests, or for more intimate parties by using specific areas.  This unique Miami hangout has a dining room area, bar, two patios, and two gardens all of which capture the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. According to the ancient Chinese, it is important to balance these elements on the inside and outside for optimal health.


“Sunset Harbor is a really special area,” says Gordon. “It has a distinct Miami Beach vibe that’s both very chic and very down to earth. Our guests just love being here – and we do too.”


For more pricing and availability, please call (305) 925-0799 or visit

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