Sushi and Art at Katsuya Dragon Lounge


Katsuya South Beach, Master sushi chef Katsuya Uechi’s dynamic dining destination has amped up its happy hour with an all-new Social Hour menu in the newly repainted Dragon Lounge. Featuring artwork from students at the New World School of the Arts, this upscale lounge on the second floor offers starters like the spicy edamame, popcorn rock shrimp and crispy brussel sprouts starting at $6, or specialty cocktails like the Katsuya Fresh, Jasmine Margarita and The Dragon starting at $6. Other options include wine by the glass, bottled beer, robata options and sushi rolls.

NGUYÊN VU also known as Vũ 888


Born Khanh Nguyen Hoang Vu, Vũ 888 is a Vietnamese-born American artist that currently resides and studies in Miami, Florida. In their work, Vũ 888 addresses issues of self-identity and cultural heritage.

As a queer-identifying, first-generation immigrant, Vũ 888 utilizes their work to shed light upon what it’s like to exist in the liminal zone of shifting between various communities and identities.


Cristina Jatib


Cristina Jatib is a local artist born and raised in Miami, FL studying at New World School of the Arts in Downtown Miami. Jatib’s work, mostly drawings, paintings, and books, focuses on the fragile beauty of nature and the decaying landscape while tapping into some deeply emotional and nostalgic poetics in the way she addresses the subject. As an artist, she believes it is her job to change the value of things like trees and leaves, and bring to light the emotional impulses and natural settings we take for granted. You can see her work at the 777 Mall in partnership with MANA Contemporary.


Adrian Sena Martinez


Adrian Sena Martinez is a working painter and sculptor born and raised in Cuba. He graduated from an art school in Cuba and Miami Dade College with an Associate degree in Fine arts with an emphasis in painting. Adrian is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree from the University of Florida at New World School of the Arts.


Adrian has displayed his artwork at the Miami Dade College (Kendall Campus) art gallery in “Quest for Peace” exhibition, had been published in the Miambiance Magazine, a Kendall Campus publication. Also, has displayed work for the “Emerging Artists” exhibition, won Best Piece in Show.


“Poverty, hunger, and dangerous living conditions gave rise to my work, it shaped how

I see the world and how I express my thoughts through art. Violence, struggle, darkness, and hardship are always present in my art, as those were themes that were present in most aspects of my life. That is the lens through which I analyze life and the one I use to express myself. I have been surrounded by these adversities throughout most of my life. My past experiences have shaped who I am today and will never leave me. Hardships from every day, stress, our jobs, wars, relationship or family issues. Violence and struggle are constants in this life, in nature. I want to represent, not only the struggles of my past and that are within me but also the struggles within the world. My work illustrates the harsher feelings of the human mind: envy, anger, hate, selfishness, and your own personal limitations.”


Pedro Sena



Pedro Sena has been making art and design since he was 15 years old. At that time he started studying high school at a vocational art school in Cuba. There, he learned the basics of drawing, sculpting, and painting; skills he has been developing since then. In 2010, he was hired as a graphic designer by Odebretch, a Brazilian company that was cooperating with Cuba to build the principal port of the country, located in Mariel. He worked for the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, creating prevention and traffic signs, as well as advertisements for health and safety issues in the workplace. He learned to work with commercial plotters, as well as several software programs for use of fonts and iconography.


As a Miami Dade College student, he became a better artist, mastering his drawing skills, learning about Art History, analog photography, two-dimensional design and computer art. He achieved awards, like the 1st prize in Drawing at the “Quest for Peace” art exhibition, and the “Best in Show” award at the Emerging Artist exhibition, both hosted by the Kendall Campus of Miami Dade College. Some of his artworks were selected for the 2018 edition of Miambiance, an art magazine created by Miami Dade College. In 2018 he got accepted as a transfer student at New World School of the Arts, where he has continued developing his talents, and becoming a better artist and graphic designer.



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