The New Home Gym Provides Full Body Fitness Without Sacrificing Any Space


By: Ivan Belen, CEO/Personal Trainer



If you don’t want to pay more gym membership fees, driving miles to get a good workout, or conforming to a studio schedule, the solution is right at your door, literally! With the new and innovative Doorway Fitness Tower, you can work out your whole body and strengthen all your muscles at the convenience of your home and in your own pace. From getting back in shape to achieving your dream body, the Doorway Fitness Tower is an innovative way to get an amazing full body workout. In just 12-18 minutes, you will achieve surprising cardiovascular benefits while building strong, lean muscles.

The Doorway Fitness Tower developed by Fit Natural is the first device that is expanding the quantity and type of exercises to be performed with a Doorway Gym System. With the ingenious introduction of Parallel Bars, you can perform the most effective dip exercises which are recognized to be the best for increasing chest and triceps strength, burning belly fat, redefining the lower abs, and building strength in your back, biceps, and shoulders. You can create your own workout strategy combining two popular current exercise trends—bodyweight exercises with high-intensity interval training (HITT) for optimal results.

The multifunctional DFT is made with the best quality high-grade steel, meets most door frames of 24 to 36 inches wide and is screw-less. Has comfortable removable arms/elbows support, multiple hand grips and vertical telescopic parallel bars.
It is lightweight and so simple to assemble and disassemble that you can store it under your bed after every use. Due to its convenience and portability, the DFT is Ideal for small homes, apartments, and dorms. The product is currently sold at




Find a complete beginner to advance routine of exercises and more information about DFT at


100 Lincoln Rd. suit 534
Miami Beach, FL 33139
A company founded by two childhood friends, athletes, and personal trainers: Ivan Belen and Alexis Tellez how were inspired by the need of regular people to exercise at home while considering their lack of dedicated space, time and money. They innovated the Doorway Gym System by adding Parallel Bars which gave birth to the Doorway Fitness Tower (DFT).


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