The Real Food Cafe is ready to help its Community with delivery, pickup and new hours


First and foremost, Chef Maria and I hope you and your family healthy and adjusting to this new way of life.

Second, be resilient in these tough times. We’re all in this together.

Most of our customers, like you, know us from the “Academy” side of our business. At this time, we are not offering any of the services provided by the “Academy.” That includes kids’ classes, camps, and parties or any of our adult classes or events.

That’s why I would like to introduce you to our cafe. It’s called The Real Food Cafe. It’s through the cafe; I think we can help each other.

Here’s How We Can Help You

If you are trying to minimize your time in public, you may enjoy having some delicious and nutritious food delivered right to your home or office. Now would be a good time to say NO to FAST food and YES to REAL food!

It’s important we do all we can to support and strengthen our immune systems. One of the best ways to keep our immune systems healthy is by eating Real Food and limiting the toxic burden that processed food puts on our bodies.

Real Food Delivered To Your Door – Here’s How

We have partnered with UberEats, Grubhub, and DoorDash for delivery options. All three of these companies have updated their policies regarding hygiene. They have implemented safe drop-off procedures where you don’t even need to interact with the person delivering your food.

While we can’t provide a “dine-in” option at this time, you can order online and come pick up your food to take out. We’ll even send you a text message when your food is ready!

Here’s How You Can Help Us
Maria is still serving real food. You can get it delivered

In the past our cafe represented only a tiny portion of our total business. Today, the cafe is our only business, so we are extending our hours. We are open and delivering Monday to Saturday from 11 AM to 8 PM.

This global pandemic has altered the way many of us are experiencing the “day to day” of life. And while our mission of bringing healthier eating choices to our community hasn’t changed, the circumstances have.

Helping Each Other

Please go to and order a healthier type of meal, and get it with no-contact delivery.

We will get through this together. Stay safe and healthy.

With gratitude,

Arthur and Maria Cummins

ChefsThe Real Food Academy
(786) 395-0355 – Work



PS: To make it easy to see your delivery options and menu selections, click on your favorite service. All offer a no-contact delivery.

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