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Omer BarSadeh, CEO of Vision

Today, we live in a visual, interactive digital age. Many people prefer to watch a video online than read a pamphlet or brochure. A website is one of the most powerful methods of branding and establishing credibility for a business.

If you don’t have a website – you are missing out on an incredible number of opportunities for business. With a website, potential clients can learn more information about you and your business, product, or service. Your website is also a place they can refer to for common concerns, or to contact you with a question, suggestion or complaint. They can also use it to refer a friend and other potential future clients.

A great tool to enhance your website and help increase sales would be the “Website Video.” Say you just found a product online that youʼd been seeking for some time. You’re probably very happy! But does that mean you’re ready to purchase? Will you give your credit card number just like that? Unless it’s a known brand name or a recognized company, probably not. First, you’d like more information about the product or service, followed by more information about the company that produces it. And moments before the purchase, you want to be sure your transaction is safe and secure, and that you will receive your product, and on time.

Reading all of these details could potentially take a good amount of time. You could browse through the site’s pictures as well, which adds a few more minutes than you’d like.

Now, imagine you could get exactly the same information in only two to three minutes, while seeing the product in action, seeing the people who produce it, and getting some of your questions answered – all within a high-quality presentation. Would that change your approach? Website videos deliver information in a short time, engage the customer, move the buyer closer to buying your product or service and, above all, establish credibility for your product or service.

If you have a website already, it’s time to use video as a platform to promote your sales. It’s as good as it sounds!

Make Them See You

Internet video is an incredible tool to best communicate your service, product or offer. But much like creating a beautiful, impressive business card, it is not enough if nobody sees it. A video can serve your business so much more power, as many more potential clients will see it. But there’s even a bigger advantage to a video because the search engines like it better than words, and can get it straight to the top of Google pages!

So here are 3 easy steps to optimize your business with a video.

  1. Make the video. Create a powerful, memorable video that not only better explains your business, but will also leave a lasting impression that builds a desire in the viewer to seek more information about your business. Remember, the viewer is searching on other sites when he finds your video. He will have to leave whatever he does to focus on you. While creating your video ask yourself: would I leave everything and go see more? Don’t forget to ALWAYS include your business phone number and website in the video itself. Search engines allow many websites to pull your video and post it as a part of their content. This is a great tool for you to promote your business, and the reason why you should ALWAYS have your business information included IN the actual video and not only in the side description.
  2. Make a list. Understand who your potential clients are and what information they’re using to find what they’re seeking. Search for the keywords they’re using, and write them down.

That will allow you to remember and use them later. Remember to include location or other specifications for better optimization.

  1. Create different versions. The more videos, names, tags and keywords you have –the bigger the exposure you get. Create 3-4 versions of the same video by adding a few seconds to each, creating different lengths. YouTube prevents from posting the same video under a different name, and changing the length tricks the robots.
  2. Post. Title the different versions with different names, making sure you’re hitting different subjects (from the list you made before) that will attract different potential clients interested in your business. For example, if you’re promoting a face product, use terms such “anti- aging” for the older demographic, and “preventing” for the younger.

Make sure to post the video on as many sites as you can, and remember to include your business phone number and website in the description to drive traffic to your website.

That’s it. You’re all set. Now go make some money!

Omer BarSadeh, CEO of Vision

Omer BarSadeh is the CEO of Vision – Video Production, specializing in video marketing

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