Top Five Cloud Accounting Software Solutions

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By: Giuseppe Salamone, founder of VaroTeam, a cloud-based accounting company headquartered at Miami Beach 


Cloud accounting solutions are a tool that could save time and reduce stress for many mid-size business owners in Miami. With office locations off the table for the time being, the old days of single location spreadsheets are most likely behind us. And now with a startup surge in full flow, the new, younger crowd of executives joining the city are tech savvy and fully prepared to embrace the cloud.


Cloud accounting softwares offer instantaneous, transparent access to a business’ financial information. And here’s the real gem: the data can be accessed from any location. That could mean more time stretching out on the beach, practicing the golf swing, or focusing on the most stimulating areas of the business.


Now, let’s run through five of the top cloud accounting softwares currently available.


  1. Quickbooks


This cloud accounting software has had great success, boasting most of the US market for small businesses. It is one of the most user friendly options and offers innovative extras on a high tier subscription, like benchmarking to compare the business with others in the same industry.


It’s well integrated with banking data, connecting directly with your bank feed. At VaroTeam, we use it for all of our members. Packages start at $12.50/month, with the top tier of four at $75/month.


  1. Xero


This cloud accounting software has offices in Asia, North America and Oceania. It’s hugely successful in Australia and the UK, and while it is lagging behind slightly in the US, it is competing aggressively.


The company spins itself as more for the small business owner, but is a little less user friendly than some of its rivals. For the basics of cash and tax returns it can be a useful aid. They currently offer the first two months of a subscription at a 50% discount.


  1. Freshbooks


If your business is dealing with a large international client base this is the best cloud accounting option. Its payment system makes international transactions incredibly simple.


The Canadian company aims its offering at self employed business owners. There is a 30-day trial available, after which the most basic package costs $4.50/month for five billable clients, rising to $7.50/month for 50 billables and $15/month for up to 500. There is still a new year’s sale on, offering a 60% discount for the first six months.


  1. ZipBooks


This software option is “lovingly made in Utah, USA.” Their services, which are split across four price plans, include accounting, billing, expenses and data insights. One thing that makes ZipBooks stand out is their pairing with payroll software Gusto, which can be accessed through a free trial.


This is a great option for sole proprietors, and is easy to get started with integrations for Google Drive and Asana. There is a basic free option, tier two is $15/month, tier three at $35/month, and the top tier, simply called “Accountant” is a bespoke option for a negotiable fee.


  1. Wave


This user friendly option is aimed primarily at small business owners. The Canadian company says it “aspires to create a future where small business owners can manage their finances fearlessly.”


The software is largely free to use, including accounting, invoicing and a receipts service. Optionally, a payments service is available on a pay-per-use basis. The company’s office can be found in the historic Wrigley gum factory in Toronto, so chewing up a pile of invoices comes as second nature to them.


With such a competitive market for cloud accounting software solutions, there’s an option to suit any type of business owner, from sole proprietors to companies with an international clientele. There are also options for any budget, with some incredible discounts available for new subscribers. At VaroTeam we like to say “do what you do best, and outsource the rest.” Accounting softwares are a good place to practice that philosophy, and win back some quality time to engage with your true passions.


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