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Grey Gardens by Alex Mason

As featured in GOLIATH Magazine

 By Todd Davis and Rob Brown


GOLIATH Magazine proudly welcomes Robert Brown and Todd Davis, of Brown Davis Architecture and Interiors, as contributing editors of the Design & Living section. Their uniquely American aesthetic fuses traditional roots of classicism, with an international, modern, sensual vitality. Over the course of the year, they will present you with their tasteful perspective on all things design, and in this inaugural feature, Brown Davis will focus on the tried and true subject of wallpaper – and it’s not what you might think.

There is no doubt that the saturated hues, tropical landscape and design mecca of Miami have all influenced our bold aesthetic that resists conformity. Brown Davis is based at the 1111 Lincoln Road complex on Miami Beach, Florida, which in itself carries an iconic design status that feeds right into the foundation of each of our projects whether it’s modern, transitional, or traditional.

The Brown Davis design and architectural team train their exacting eye on the technical and design challenges of each project to ensure proper proportions, details, materials and an efficient build process.

Throughout the years, our portfolio has expanded to include architecture, renovations, landscape, and furniture design, and with the expansion, we have distilled a certain maximalist aesthetic that saturates just about everything we do.

With our motto ‘Comfort is the Greatest Luxury,’ we resist conformity and when scanning the world for new ideas, architecture, innovative furnishings, and design products, our eyes are instinctively drawn to those objects that possess that maximalist energy and vitality.

There are infinite ways to customize your walls and ceilings, and wallpaper presents you with beautiful options to add dimension or enliven any room. You can work with an artist to create your own specific design, or you can purchase great patterns and colors off the shelf.  Silks, foils, metals, and natural materials such as hemp are being woven into the papers to give added texture and punch. And since there are so many good options, you might want to enlist an experienced interior designer to help push your boundaries even further and determine what is best for you and your home. Here are some of the design inspirations that we have either taken significant note of or have used on projects.


Wallpaper Aloft

When we first saw the work of Alex Mason we were blown away – and who could resist a design called “Grey Gardens?” Her designs are modern, colorful and original. Her work includes paintings, prints, wallpapers, and murals. In particular, we love the ceiling she created for the featured den. We always ask the question, why ceilings are ignored, and Alex created a great answer to this question with her original mural on a ceiling.

Grey Gardens by Alex Mason



This paper we used on a client’s beach house in Delray, Florida. ‘Sigourney’ from China Seas is bold, and the colorful pattern enlivens any room. We used this in a dark den that doesn’t get much natural light, and the wallpaper took the place from drab to dynamic.

Sigourney by China Seas

Palm Beach Dining

In the same beach house, we used this Lee Jofa paper by Cole & Son Palm Jungle Wallpaper 95/1005 in the dining room for an up to date “Palm Beach” look and a feel of the tropics.

Palm Jungle by Cole & Son

Updated Design Experience

This foil wallpaper we used in a traditional home on the Potomac River just outside of Washington, DC, is perfect for updating a traditional home or softening a modern home. The design, color, and foil walk a perfectly updated line.

Arbour Steel by Meg Braff Designs

Caller Coolness

This really fun Phillip Jefferies wallpaper we used in a guest bedroom on Miami Beach. It is an uplifting, unexpected, and fun choice for a guest bedroom that can be designed to transport your guest to a fantasy world.

Phillip Jefferies

Not All Wallpapers Are Paper

Wallpapers can be intricately woven with fabrics like silk to add an extra dimension and texture. Adding layers of wallpaper, curtains, sheers, and fabrics also absorb noise. This wallpaper we used on a master bedroom wall in a project on Miami Beach is from Fromental, and it was custom-scaled to fit the particular dimensions of the room.


Textural Quality

Another unique paper that we recently used in a foyer on a home in Annapolis is Weitzner ‘Eden in Licorice’ W9017/03 / 100% Mulberry and Salago Fiber. This paper comes in a variety of colors, and as you can see in the image, there is a real textural quality to this paper, so the wall color behind can be fully customized to your desire – the result is bold, modern and stunning.

Eden in Licorice by Weitsner

Todd Davis and Rob Brown joined their shared passion for classic architecture, discerning environments, and extraordinary craftsmanship to create Brown Davis Interiors, Inc. in 1994. Brown Davis has received awards including Architectural Digest Top 100, Luxe Gold List and Ocean Home Top 50 Interior Designers. Their portfolio includes interiors, renovations, and their own collection of colored wood furnishings. Learn more at browndavis.com and follow Todd Davis @browndavis and Rob Brown @browndavisarcitecture for even more design inspiration.








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