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Milka Milliance is the CEO and founder of We R Artemis Leadership, a global Life Coaching and Professional Advisory firm based in Brickell. As a life coach and professional advisor to elite entrepreneurs, investors and professionals who seek to maintain balance in their lives, We R Artemis supports busy individuals to stay emotionally and spiritually present through greater alignment with their values and motivations. Developing these life-affirming coping skills and behaviors that are sustainable creates the space to manage the responsibilities of a privileged lifestyle and the pressure of maintaining it all with ease in a healthy way.

Milka understands the impact a major life change—career upheaval and personal loss—can have on individuals, so she supports all her clients to step into life more courageously, authentically and with greater relatedness.

Milka spent years building a high-profile career as a management consultant in New York City while traveling the world consulting to global executives. In spite of her best efforts, after many years of nonstop traveling, she had a severe burnout and it became evident that her beliefs, values, and behaviors were not in alignment with her lifestyle choices.  She walked away from a promising career in pursuit of a life where her values and beliefs are in greater alignment with her motivation and behavior; essentially – a more balanced and re-calibrated life founded on an internal resilience, positioned to weathered the life transitions and its many storms.

The Heroine’s Journey and Artemis Method coaching models are inspired by her book “Your Journey to Self-Redefinition” – A Woman’s Guide to Transitions; published by We R Artemis Leadership Inc.   Her struggle to heal and to create the space for her transformation led her on a journey in search of her purpose and to awaken her deepest passion – to serve and give women and men the tools to empower themselves through her life coaching and self-leadership development practice.

Milka conceived of the Heroine’s Leadership Journey model to empower women during transitional periods in their lives. It positions women to make bold and powerful choices, especially when embarking on a new journey like entrepreneurship, starting a family or transitioning back into or out of the workforce.

Journey to Self Redefinition_Promotional Materials“I’m passionate about helping each woman find her voice to live in an authentic and purpose-driven life”. “Women have unique life paths. Assessing their core beliefs helps shift negative behavior patterns and knock down the obstacles which prevent many from stepping into their power.”

From her Miami office, she combines traditional learning tools like personality type, psychometric assessments, and developmental activities with more intuitive and experiential methods to paint a full picture of each person.

We R Artemis also utilizes group coaching, and team effectiveness workshops for organizations to help people identify and set positive, life-changing goals. Her leadership exercises allow participants to explore their motivations and modify their behavior to align with their personal and corporate goals.

“My aha moment came when I brought a new client to a retreat center in upstate New York where my own transformation began. I found a lasting inner peace and clarity there and it was exhilarating to share that experience with someone just starting on her transitional journey. This is a very intentional process and doesn’t just magically happen. Some people spend a lifetime searching for clarity and inner peace and never find it. Others who are willing to step into heir hero/heroines journey will eventually find the pot of gold within. ”

We R Artemis Leadership – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?

  • We R Artemis is a leadership and life coaching company, led by someone who has not only had a 10+ year career as a professional advisor to high profile executives, but has also on a personal level dealt with many of the challenges that come with maintaining a balanced life when traveling light speed ahead of everyone else, while trying to not have a burn out or fall out that can have a resounding impact on the individual and their families.
  • What sets us apart is our ability to provide the most premium life and leadership coaching services to individuals and corporations in Miami, is our ability to combine a holistic, analytical and psychological foundation that uses established and recognized coaching assessment tools to make the mindset shifts and begin the hard work of changing behavior.


  • Coaching: Executive, Life and Team Effectiveness for small businesses
  • Organizational Consulting: Leadership development program design, offsite team building, Experiential Learning utilizing the MBTI and Hogan Assessment for team building.
  • Succession Planning, identifying the next-in-line for the CEO role, in family Businesses.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
Success for me is not only reaching my goals but also ensuring that there is always integrity and alignment in everything that I do both in my professional and personal life. We R Artemis is a values-driven company that believes that we all are responsible for making choices that can either take us closer or further away from our purpose in life.




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