‘Mat Crawl’ Challenge will energize Miami Yoga Community

Every September yoga studios, students and instructors celebrate National Yoga Month in a variety of ways. From enormous gatherings of yogis, gurus and groupies to studio specials, giveaways and contests this is the month to get involved in this ancient practice if you live in the U.S.
One studio that is going all out this year is the rapidly growing Miami based company Green Monkey. The Monkeys currently have two locations. One is on Sunset Drive in South Miami and another is near Sardinia and Seven Salon in the up and coming area of Sunset Harbor in Miami Beach. With a third Tree House opening in Midtown this fall the Monkeys may be one of the most excited yoga companies to celebrate National Yoga Month this September.
In honor of their industry’s national celebration Green Monkey is partnering with Whole Foods Market to host a Yoga Challenge for yogis all around the Miami area.
“We really wanted to do something special this year,” co-founder Michael Likhov said. “People respond well to challenges and competitions, so we decided to give them another reason to get on their mat this September.”
With the health benefits of yoga ranging from increased flexibility, to weight loss, stress relief, improved endurance and increased physical strength one has to wonder why anyone would need yet another reason to practice yoga, but the Monkeys have provided one.
Starting on September 1, 2010 the Monkeys and Whole Foods Market are challenging all yoga lovers to participate in a “mat crawl.” The challenge is simple enough — take five classes with five participating teachers and you’ll receive a prize. Practice with ten different teachers, get another prize, with larger and larger prizes being offered after fifteen, twenty and finally thirty different teachers in thirty days.
“People will really have to be dedicated,” Likhov said. “Thirty days of yoga is pretty impressive, so that’s why we’re making the grand prize as huge as it is.” The grand prize is a free yearlong membership to Green Monkey for students that practice with thirty different teachers.
“If someone can do that,” Likhov said. “Then I’m more than happy to have them practicing with us for free. That’s a dedicated student and they’re definitely a Monkey.”
Participants simply have to come into one of Green Monkey’s Tree Houses to register for the challenge.
The first 60 students that register will also receive $10 gift certificate to Whole Foods.
“We’re not charging for the challenge itself,” explained Danielle Pricken, Design Director at Green Monkey. “All our regular rates apply, people just have to come in and pick up a few things from us, like the brochure, and then just start taking classes.”
In an effort to really bring the yoga community together, Green Monkey extended the challenge to other studios, encouraging teachers from the Standard, Miami Life Center, Prana Yoga and many other studios to get involved as well.
The prizes Green Monkey is offering range from gift certificates to Whole Foods, Green Monkey t-shirts, free services from Green Monkey all the way up to the grand prize.
But what the “Monkeys” are mostly looking to do is get people excited about all the teachers they have participating.
“We’re working with everyone from Kino MacGregor to our experienced instructors to all our new Yoga Teacher Training Graduates,” Likhov said. “Yoga is about community and this is a great way for people to find new teachers, and expand their yoga community.”
So, if ever you were interested in doing a tour of yoga teachers in the Miami area the best time to start is September 1, 2010. And if, along the way, you experience some of the multiple benefits that yoga can offer, it can’t possibly hurt.
Stop by one of Green Monkey’s Tree House locations at either 5792 Sunset Drive, South Miami Fl, 33143 or 1827 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach, Fl 33139, or call for more information in South Miami  305-669-4949 or in Miami Beach 305-397-8566.

About Green Monkey
Green Monkey is Miami’s first balanced living company offering people tools to find balance and a healthy life. Experience Green Monkey’s full schedule of diverse classes, private consultations, events, educational workshops and the latest in wellness retail at the Tree House locations. For more information on their corporate wellness programs you can visit Green Monkey’s website at www.greenmonkey.net or email paula@greenmonkey.net.

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